Topic: yaSSL Embedded Web Server 1.0 is Now Available

The third release of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server is now available for download!  Changes in this release include bug fixes, updated CyaSSL support, iOS (Apple TV) build support, better Windows build support, CGI and SSI extension pattern matching and more.

The yaSSL Embedded Web Server is focused on being small, fast, and embeddable.  Features include CGI, SSI, IP restrictions, access and error log support, and SSL among others.  The CyaSSL embedded SSL library can be used to easily secure ports with SSL/TLS up to TLS 1.2, giving you a secure connection while maintaining small size and fast speed. 

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the yaSSL Embedded Web Server and how it can help your project, please let us know.

Download yasslEWS 1.0
yaSSLEWS 1.0 Product Page: … erver.html