Topic: WolfSSL Library Code Size Management

Due to a performance issue with the TFM, I need to move WolfSSL into faster code memory. The problem is the entire WolfSSL library build is about 70 to 80 Kbytes. The memory I am moving into is limited.

The issue is not all of WolfSSL needs to be moved into faster memory. If I can move the selected portion, it would solve the performance issues without causing space issues. I am learning about the concept of scatter-loading and wondering if we can apply it here.


Re: WolfSSL Library Code Size Management


Before pursuing this approach, we do have various options which will reduce our code size.  Can you share your user_settings.h (or ./configure line), what platform you're on, what cipher suites/algorithms you need and what code size you need?

Feel free to email us at for private support if any of this info is confidential.