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Topic: Wolfsftp from wolfssh cannot send/receive large files !

Hello everyone,

I have implemented wolfsftp server on my embedded system and I am using FatFS as filesystem.
Everyting is working fine with little files about 5 KiloBytes.

However, when I try to send/receive a file with about 3 Megabytes size I get the following error message on Filezilla client:

    FATAL ERROR: Network error: Software caused connection abort

Is there a Define or a parameter to be configured on wolfssh in order to make it able to handle larger files.

Thank you so much.


Re: Wolfsftp from wolfssh cannot send/receive large files !

Hi yass007,

That shouldn't be a limitation. Can you try with other clients? maybe even wolfSSH as the client?

Is there any errors from the server when this occurs?

In the meantime I'll test with some larger files locally.