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Topic: wolfTPM: Windows static (wolftpm.lib) & dynamic (wolftpm.dll) library

I can compile wolfTPM library and example files (.exe) for Windows by using MinGW as mentioned in doc https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfTPM/blob … dowTBS.md.
But here it generates wolfssl/wolfTPM static library (libwolfssl.a/libwolftpm.a) format which MS compiler can not import.

For wolfssl, microsoft visual studio solution files (wolfssl.sln, wolfssl64.sln) are there. Also conan package https://conan.io/center/wolfssl is there which provides wolfssl.lib static library for Windows platform.

I want to use and link with wolfssl.lib library and generate wolftpm.lib library for Windows. We have dependencies on other third party libraries which need to be imported as static library (.lib format) (built by MS compiler).

Why wolfTPM is not providing visual studio solution file (wolftpm.sln) ?
How can I build wolfTPM library (.lib/.dll) for Windows ?


Re: wolfTPM: Windows static (wolftpm.lib) & dynamic (wolftpm.dll) library

Hi Preeti,

I understand your goals and you are correct that we don't currently have a VS solution. wolfTPM windows support is relatively new addition. We would be interested improving support but have limited resources. If you'd like to discuss in more detail please feel free to reach out to support@wolfssl.com

There is an experimental cmake branch that can be used with MSVC, but it doesn't have support for a static library currently.