Topic: caam on imx8qxp

Hi all,

would like to use caam hw engine on this cpu.

I am using

EXTRA_OECONF += "--enable-all --enable-cryptocb --enable-caam"
| ../git/wolfcrypt/test/test.c:2579:15: error: storage size of 'sha' isn't known
|  2579 |     wc_Sha224 sha, shaCopy;
 ../git/wolfssl/wolfcrypt/hash.h:100:19: error: field 'sha224' has incomplete type
|   100 |         wc_Sha224 sha224;
| ../git/wolfssl/wolfcrypt/port/caam/wolfcaam.h:55:40: error: unknown type name 'CAAM_ADDRESS'
|    55 | WOLFSSL_LOCAL int caamWriteToPartition(CAAM_ADDRESS addr, const unsigned char* in, int inSz);
|       |                                        ^~~~~~~~~~~~

and much more.

Any help appreciated.


Re: caam on imx8qxp

Hello Angelo,

Thanks for joining the wolfSSL Support Forum. I know the CAAM driver has to be specially built and linked in order for wolfSSL to access the driver. Please see the instructions here: … am_doc.pdf

I will check about the intended usage of the configure option `--enable-caam`

Eric @ wolfSSL Support

Re: caam on imx8qxp

Hi Angelo,

We do have some newer documentation that is prerelease. I can share this with you if you can send a request to