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Hello everyone,

Iḿ really impressed with overall wolfSSL tools, they are easy to use and very handy. We are exploring the options to establish a MQTT session but using a TPM to perform authentication at TLS start.
The goal would be to make the TPM work as in this example with OpenSSL:
$ openssl s_client -cert client.crt -key client.key -CAfile caFile.crt -keyform engine -engine tpm2tss -connect localhost:8444

As you can see here Openssl try to set up a TLS session using the TPM as the element that perform the POP test using the tpm2tss engine.

I've looking in the PAHO C API but I cannot find anything similar.

Thanks in advance!


Re: wolfMQTT+wolfTPM

Hi Alvaro,

Thanks for your kind words. This sounds like a very cool project!

We have examples of setting up wolfTPM to establish a TLS connection: … amples/tls

wolfMQTT would then be able to use that connection natively: … mqttclient

I'd recommend sending an email to our support channel. This will allow us to better prioritize any questions you might have.

Kind regards,
Eric @ wolfSSL Support