Topic: using wolfssl in stm32f407

I am actually not that much expert in the field of embedded systems. However, after lots of search on the internet, I could not find any example on the application of wolfssl for tls1.3 on stm32f4 series without RTOS.
I just want to make sure that is this even possible?
Is the resources of stm32f4 series enough for this application?
Does anyone know any source to guide through this process, specifically about setting the parameters (e.g. stack and heap size, whether defining small_stack or not and so on)?
I appreciate any response.


Re: using wolfssl in stm32f407

Hi khalesiakram,

Could you tell us a bit about your project?

Please check out the STM32 Cube Pack which we provide: … /STM32Cube

Let us know if there are any questions. You can also email with any questions.

Eric, wolfSSL Support