Topic: Contribution into WolfSSL


I'm working on a project in that I've optimized wolfssl source code according to project requirements.Basically I want to contribute my changes into WolfSSL code.

In that change I've added new enable flag for BIO Chaining and PKCS7 functionality. I know opensslall flag also provides same but with my new flag size of wolfssl lib is 250KB lesser than lib with opensslall flag.

Please let me know steps to raise pull request on WolfSSL git.



Re: Contribution into WolfSSL

Hi Anika,

You can create a pull request in GitHub here: .
Then send an email to requesting a contributor agreement to sign and return.
The pull request will be peer reviewed for coding standards and should also contain unit tests for any new code added.

Looking forward to seeing your changes, they sound useful.

David Garske, wolfSSL