Topic: Debug Messages for TLS Handshake/Connection

We are loading wolfCrypt Engine from OpenSSL configuration file. We have also enabled debug for wolfCrypt Engine. The wolfCrypt Engine is generating debug messages for SSH connection and other cryptographic operations.

However, wolfCrypt Engine is not generating debug messages for TLS handshake/connection (TLS connection is succeeding). Will OpenSSL use wolfCrypt Engine for TLS connections by default or some configuration is needed for this ?


Re: Debug Messages for TLS Handshake/Connection

Hello m_u_h, how are you?

My name is Anthony Hu and I am part of the wolfSSL team.

There are many reasons why openssl might not be using wolfengine. How are you performing SSH and TLS?  Are they separate applications? If so, then it could be that the application doing TLS was built with static libraries in which case that particular application would not support engine usage.

Can you please share details about your applications? For example, how are they built?

Also, here at wolfSSL we love hearing about how our software is being used.  Can you let us know about your project and what your goals are?

Warm regards, Anthony


Re: Debug Messages for TLS Handshake/Connection

Hi Anthony,

Thanks a-lot for your quick reply and the very useful pointer. We are using Apache Web Server. I have now found out that Apache Web Server will have to be rebuild and re-configured to use external crypto engine e.g. wolfCrypt with OpenSSL i.e. " … che-server".

Thanks Again for your help.

Best Regards,