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Topic: Wolf MQTT in PIC32MZ legacy project

Hello everybody

I need to integrate MQTT(and its required SSL) in a board with PIC32MZ2048EFM144, with TCP/IP stack from Microchip Harmony 2.05.01, running a years old validated bare metal firmware compiled with XC32 compiler v1.44.
Using wolfMQTT and wolfSSL from this version of Harmony doesn't work because lacks many files and the project build fails.
I cannot use Harmony 3 for many reasons because this involve the entire process of validation of existing, extending the developement time.
So I need to download a valid version of wolfMQTT and wolfSSL and relative docs(with a working example if possible) to evaluate the possibility of this integration.

Which are the correct steps to integrate those libraries?
Are there useful links that can help me for this work?

Thanks in advance to all.


Re: Wolf MQTT in PIC32MZ legacy project

Hi b.stefano,

It looks like Microchip Harmony is currently providing wolfSSL 5.4.0 and wolfMQTT 1.11.1.  While these versions are outdated, I would expect them to work.  Are these the versions you are seeing in your Microchip Harmony project?

What build errors are you seeing from wolfSSL/wolfMQTT?



Re: Wolf MQTT in PIC32MZ legacy project

Hello Kareem

Microchip Harmony 2.05.01 provided to me wolfSSL 3.12.0 and wolfMQTT 0.10.

Including those versions with Harmony GUI, build fails because It cannot find many of requested files. I think harmony fails in copying some files in my project.

I can add many of this file manually by searching in Harmony installation path, but not all files.

Due to this, and the exixtance of newer versions of the wolf libraries,I'd like to find alternative way of integration in my bare metal project.

Thanks in advance


Re: Wolf MQTT in PIC32MZ legacy project

After you download the archives, extract them and paste the files into the source directory of your Harmony project. Depending on your use case, you may or may not need to copy the following directories and files:

- wolfMQTT: `src/`, `include/`, `examples/`, and `CMakeLists.txt`
- wolfSSL: `src/`, `include/`, `examples/`, `tools/`, and `CMakeLists.txt`