Topic: Wolfssh interface with microchip pic32MZ microcontroller

Hello everyone.,
     I am trying to implement a ssh client in microchip pic32mz microcontroller to communicate with a ssh server for my application. From PC itself I have communicated with ssh sever using libssh library. Now I want to communicate from that microcontroller. But libssh is a large data size. I knew that wolfssh is a lightweight one and it will support pic32mz. But what is the process to link that library. I have a no idea. Pls suggest to achieve the  above.

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Re: Wolfssh interface with microchip pic32MZ microcontroller

Hi Karthikeyan

Thanks for joining the wolfSSL forums. I've copied my answer to the support ticket you opened here:

Are you already able to build wolfSSL in MPLAB?

After you get wolfSSL building, we have an unofficial port of wolfSSH for MPLAB:

You can follow the instructions in the readme: … /