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Topic: How to check if my SSL is working properly

Hello again,

I have integrate wolfssl in our API and now I want to run a few test to check if the layer performs correctly! I mean that I need to connect to a server or a client that uses ssl to see if my client or server will connect with ssl change certificates msgs etc. The thing is that I can not find an application for this use! I need something like TCP/IP Builder ! Does anyone know such an application or if there is ay other way to check if my SSL works correctly?

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Re: How to check if my SSL is working properly


There are several ways you could test if your SSL application is working correctly.  A few of the options include:

1)  Test your SSL client/server against the example client and server provided with the wolfSSL embedded ssl download.  After compiling wolfSSL, these are located at ./examples/client/client and ./examples/server/server.  To see a list of command line options available for the client and server, run either with the --help option.  These are documented in Sections 3.3 and 3.4 of the wolfSSL Manual (http://yassl.com/yaSSL/Docs-cyassl-manu … arted.html).

2)  If your SSL application is a client, you can try connecting to a publicly-available SSL server somewhere on the Internet.  You could test against standard websites like Gmail, Paypal, etc., or use a dedicated "SSL test server".  Examples of the later include sites like https://www.mikestoolbox.org/.

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