Topic: DTLS over alternate Protocol

I would like to use DTLS on an embedded embedded platform over an unreliable link. My platform has a small comm buffer (500 bytes). If I reduce the MTU size, it seems the SendCertificate() function will grow the output buffer and send the data.  I don't see where the segmentation/reassembly is being performed when the msg is fragmented. In fact it seems like the msg grows and is sent violating the MAX_MTU size. Is segmentation/reassembly expected to be implemented in the CBIORecv/CBIOSend routines for embedded systems?



Re: DTLS over alternate Protocol

Thanks for the question.  Currently wolfSSL embedded SSL only defragments received messages.  A client would normally never need to send fragmented messages unless it's using large client certificates, which is unusual.  Next on the feature list is sending fragmented messages which will allow servers and clients using certificates to work as well.