Topic: Build wolfSSL for GNU windows gcc

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(2009-05-03 21:34:09 UTC)


I'm using wolfSSL for a personal project and I compile it with cygwin to use it with windows version of GNU gcc (code::blocks) The problem is that because I compile it on cygwin, I need to use the cygwin DLL. I can compile it with visual c++ but I can't use it with a GNU windows gcc project.

Do you know How I can compile it and use the statics library with the GNU windows gcc compiler on a code::blocks project?


(2009-05-04 22:23:37 UTC)

Compilng wolfSSL with code::projects will probably be your best bet.  It looks like you should be able to import a GNU makefile or Visual C++ project if you don't want to set it up by hand.

(2009-05-12 18:32:00 UTC)

Yes, just import the VC++ project in code::block, set the compiler to GNU gcc, add the WIN32 and _WIN32 define, and everything worked fine, the problem I had was stupid and I will not tell it here for my own dignity smile lol

(2009-05-12 19:28:31 UTC)

No need make file or anything, it automatically compiles the SSL and wolfCrypt library as static. (verify that the option is set on the project properties).