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Hi Eric and David,

Thank you for this update. I tried it, and it worked. The only thing I found was that when using a QoS of 0,  MqttClient_Publish_ex will return with the length of the last chunk instead of MQTT_CODE_SUCCESS.

I also noticed that publishing data took roughly 40x more time compared to subscribing to the same data. (2.5MB, 195sec vs 4.5sec) I suspect this is because encrypting data takes more time than decrypting it?

I'm running a 32bit microcontroller (RX63N) on 96MHz, without hardware encryption.



(5 replies, posted in wolfMQTT)


I want to transport large payloads (files) with wolfMQTT. Receiving this data via a subscription was surprisingly easy, the data comes in in chunks which I write to a file as they come in.

But is there a similar solution available for publishing large payloads? It would be nice if I could read the data piece by piece from a file as it's sent out.


I'm building wolfMQTT using wolfSSL for an embedded controller (RX63N).
It basically works, but I still have some details to work out.

But one thing I noticed is that MqttClient_WaitMessage uses a different timeout when on a secure connection:
- On a normal connection it uses the timeout passed to the function as the second parameter.
- On a secure connection it uses the cmd_timeout_ms that was passed to the MqttClient_Init() call.

It's not a big issue at all for me, but it was a bit confusing so I mention it anyway.