Topic: MqttClient_WaitMessage timeout, normal vs secure connection

I'm building wolfMQTT using wolfSSL for an embedded controller (RX63N).
It basically works, but I still have some details to work out.

But one thing I noticed is that MqttClient_WaitMessage uses a different timeout when on a secure connection:
- On a normal connection it uses the timeout passed to the function as the second parameter.
- On a secure connection it uses the cmd_timeout_ms that was passed to the MqttClient_Init() call.

It's not a big issue at all for me, but it was a bit confusing so I mention it anyway.


Re: MqttClient_WaitMessage timeout, normal vs secure connection

Hi PeterL,

Thanks so much for the excellent bug report!

I've issued a fix for this here:

We should be doing a wolfMQTT release by the end of the month. This change will be included.

We are always curious how customers are using wolfMQTT and wolfSSL, so it would be great to hear from you by email at

Please feel free to ask additional questions anytime. You can also get support using

David Garske, wolfSSL