Thank you very much for the reply 
i am building WolfSSH and WolfSSL on Softconsole i configured the Makefile.common in GCC-ARM IDE file and  WolfSSL  compiled succesfully with the default configuration
I am currently facing some problems i have lwIP stack and wolfssh example was built using unix TCPIP stack should i change all of that manually secondly does wolfSSL need to be ported on specific hardware (crypto hardware ) or is it independant (no need for me to write wrappers)
Thank you again


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thank you very much for your reply tmael
i want to have WolfCrypt library alone and without the lines of unused defines because it makes code large for me to understand and i think there is a better way than scrolling the code and deleting them one by one am i right ???.
the reason for this is i really want to understand every piece of code i will integrate in my project . Not including a huge library


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I have a request : could you add the option to remove unused defines when configuring with ./configure i was trying to use unifdef command on ubuntu but i dont know where to use it. this will really help me to understand the code better.
thank you

i m currently trying to write an SSH basic server on smartfusion2 Soc (arm cortex M3) from Microsemi. i managed to understand (as i think) the server example provided with wolfSSH but when i tried get a basic wolfCrypt port for the server, i was confused with the huge number of defines,features and protocols .
i will be grateful if you can give me a very basic config (minimal size) to just run the server (basic security level). Other protocols maybe added later.
you can check Tera Term client configuration to propose protocols to use:
Thank you