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Topic: Standalone AES and DES library for cortex-m3

I need a small footprint AES and DES crypto library for using with my cortex m3 mcu from STM (STM32F103R8).
I try to copy DES library files to my project but not work properly.
How can I use only DES and AES crypto engine in my own application without using whole wolfcrypt library?
I'm trying to use your library to make my thesis in crypto analyze using side attacks.


Re: Standalone AES and DES library for cortex-m3

Hi gruppelli,

That sounds like an interesting thesis! Thanks for considering using wolfSSL when building it. What issues or errors are being reported when including DES files? des3.c and aes.c are able to be compiled on their own so this may be memory size or macros needed, but a list of the errors thrown will help with narrowing it down.