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Topic: Installation issue on Arduino platform

I had issues getting this library installed on the Arduino IDE.

In script wolfmqtt-arduino.sh -

1. The supplied script has a typo in line 9   - if [ "$DIR" == "ARDUINO" ];  <-erroneous '==', should be a single '='
2. Fixing this allowed the script to complete error free however I think the wolfmqtt.h part is broken - at least it creates wolfMQTT.h and not wolfmqtt.h AND in the wrong directory /wolfmqtt-0.14/IDE/ARDUINO/wolfMQTT instead of ~ARDUINO/wolfmqtt

I've moved it by hand and the IDE then recognises the library and does not throw any compile errors if included.
Haven't tested it in anger but will later on.



Re: Installation issue on Arduino platform

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the report of these issues. I've fixed the script for directory check. The double equal works on some platforms, but you are right the single equal is the best practice. Fix pushed here: https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfMQTT/com … o?expand=1

Is the `~/ARDUINO`a standard location on all platforms? The example we built uses the `#include <wolfMQTT.h>` include. Where did you see the `wolfmqtt.h` case expected?

David Garske, wolfSSL