Topic: How to keep a saved embedded ssl session


      2006-09-25 11:45:34 MDT

      How long can I keep a saved SSL session and need not to worry that it will expire and no more be resumeable?

      Is SSL-resume a standard feature that all SSL servers need to support?

      touskaProject Admin

      2006-09-25 13:40:27 MDT
      wolfSSL buffers sessions for 500 seconds. Most servers implement session resumption because of the speed and to take some load off of the server. The standard doesn't require it though. If a client attempt at resumption fails you can just create a new session without really having lost anyting, but the gain is big enough that it's worth the try.

      2006-09-25 14:31:43 MDT
      Agreed, but still cannot understand why wolfSSL's resumption needs a new SSL pointer instead of using the old one?