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The issue #1335 is closed but I can't find a answer there if wolfssl is a possible TLS/SSL library for haproxy.

As I build haproxy with openssl and boringssl I'm courious if wolfssl is also a possible TLS/SSL library for haproxy, not only technically also from license point of view.

These are the image which I maintain. … -boringssl


Re: haproxy

Hi gaconvn1106,

As mentioned on issue #1335:

wolfSSL maintains a custom port to haproxy, if you email us at or use the zendesk portal at we should be able to get you an evaluation version of our port.

We are happy to assist any users via github issues or here on the forums but our engineers utilize zendesk mainly and are more responsive via the official support channel. If you ever notice delayed response times in github or here on the forums please use or the zendesk portal to move your issue forward in a more expedient manner!