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Hi, experts. Here comes stupid question from complete newbie.

I'm a compiter science student from Brazil, and my graduation project consists in comparisson of cryptography algorithms in Java. The problem is that I'm new to the language since my whole graduation was based in Python.

I would really like to use the wolfcrypt java lib classes in my ECLIPSE project but I'm having trouble understanding how to do that with wolfcrypt.

How can I add wolfcrypt classes support to a simple java project?

I've been trying for two days without success and don't seem to be able to get it rolling with the documentation orientation.

I've already downloaded and wolfssl-4.0.0 "./config -enable -jni; make; sudo make install" and it worked fine, but what now?

thanks in advance for your help.

Gustavo Veloso Gianini

Universidade de Brasília (UnB) - Brazil


Re: Graduation Project Java - Eclipse

Hi @gustavogian,

I understand alex has provided you relevant links to documentation via Zendesk. For other forum users please see the following links for JNI and JCE documentation and use of wolfSSL/wolfCrypt in Java. … index.html

Please contact us if you have any further issues. For best response times email us at anytime.

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