Topic: wolfSSL porting on WinCE 5.0

I want to use wolfSSL embedded SSL library on my WinCE 5.0 device. Has anyone ported wolfSSL for WinCE 5.0? Documentation manual does not mention WinCE as platform which is supported out of the box. Please revert if anyone has ported or tried to port the code for WinCE.
Thanks in advance.



Re: wolfSSL porting on WinCE 5.0

Hi Kchitiz,

Although it is missing from our product page (thanks for pointing this out, we'll have to add it), we have previously ported wolfSSL to WinCE.  The _WIN32_WCE defines in the wolfSSL code are for WinCE.

Please build wolfSSL with _WIN32_WCE and let me know if you run into any snags.

What kind of project are you working on with WinCE?