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I searched around for similar posts and did find some helpful hints regarding how wolfSSL expects wc_AesGcmDecrypt to be used (per the test implementation).

However, in my case I'm porting a library from OpenSSL to WolfSSL, and I want to double check that I preserve the expected behavior being that I am quite new to cryptography.

OpenSSL Example:

// Initializes the EVP ctx
ret = EVP_DecryptInit_ex(ctx->evp_ctx, NULL, NULL, NULL, iv);

// Provides the AAD data
ret = EVP_DecryptUpdate(ctx->evp_ctx, NULL, &blocklen, aad, (int)aadlen);

// Provide the message to be decrypted and obtain plaintext
ret = EVP_DecryptUpdate(ctx->evp_ctx, output + off, &blocklen, input, (int)(inlen - tag_size));

// Set expected tag value. Works in OpenSSL 1.0.1d and later. In this case it looks as though the tag is appended to the input.
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl(ctx->evp_ctx, EVP_CTRL_GCM_SET_TAG, (int)tag_size, (void *)((uint8_t *)input + inlen - tag_size));

// Finalize the decryption
EVP_DecryptFinal_ex(ctx->evp_ctx, output + off, &blocklen);

Now, it does appear that WolfSSL has implemented some form of support for this usage in evpCipherBlock here:

    if (out){
        /* decrypt confidential data*/
        ret = wc_AesGcmDecrypt(&ctx->cipher.aes, out, in, inl,
                  ctx->iv, ctx->ivSz, ctx->authTag, ctx->authTagSz,
                  NULL, 0);
    else {
        /* authenticated, non-confidential data*/
        ret = wc_AesGcmDecrypt(&ctx->cipher.aes, NULL, NULL, 0,
                  ctx->iv, ctx->ivSz, ctx->authTag, ctx->authTagSz,
                  in, inl);
        /* Reset partial authTag error for AAD*/
        if (ret == AES_GCM_AUTH_E)
            ret = 0;

It would seem that the correct way to go about this is to call EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl with EVP_CTRL_GCM_SET_TAG before the second call to DecryptUpdate, else ctx->authTag is not set and we continue to fail the ConstantCompare in AES_GCM_decrypt_C. Is this correct?


Re: AES GCM Decryption (OpenSSL Compatibility)

Hi Andres,

I confirmed what you are seeing by writing a simple test case using the order of function calls listed. This may be a feature gap (being that AES-GCM use with EVP is relatively new and developed for a specific use case) or it's an unintended restriction with AES-GCM use with EVP. It's under further review.



Re: AES GCM Decryption (OpenSSL Compatibility)

Thanks for your response. It does seem like my project is functioning as expected with the workaround I proposed above. From diving into the WolfSSL implementations it doesn't seem like setting the auth tag will have any unintended side effects. Just wanted to double check in case there were any glaring issues with the approach.


Re: AES GCM Decryption (OpenSSL Compatibility)

Hi Jacob,
Is there a difference between OpenSSL and WolfSSL in this regards? I use EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl before any calls to Decrypt as suggested by andres, but decryption doesn't work. If I replace all EVP_xxx calls to wolfSSL back with calls to OpenSSL, decryption works fine.