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Topic: Finding TCP connection functions in Wolfssl

Hi All,

I am using NB-IOT module for TCP connection. in NB-IOT i am using a command


while sending data i will send the data which i stored in a BUFFER.
Now in wolfssl library i am not able to find TCP part, so that i can find, through which functions data is sending and receiving data.
i have checked wolfssl Mqtt libraries there only regarding mqtt functions are only available.

Can anyone help me regarding this.

Thanks in advance


Re: Finding TCP connection functions in Wolfssl


wolfMQTT uses wolfSSL_write. wolfSSL_write ultimately uses the default custom callback for sending (EmbedSend()) which is found in wolfssl-root/src/wolfio.c. wolfSSL uses a custom I/O callback solution allowing our users to over-ride the default if necessary (for more on this checkout https://www.wolfssl.com/wolfssl-alterna … support/).

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