Topic: Aes ECB/CTR/CCM on Arduino

Hi everyone,

I have a problem currently, I installed WolfSSL on Arduino IDE with a Arduino DUE, but I can only run Aes in CBC mode, the other CCM / CTR and ECB modes are not available is this normal?

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Re: Aes ECB/CTR/CCM on Arduino

Hi Tagazop,

Thank you for reaching out. Can you tell us a bit about your project and end goals? We are always eager to hear about the new ways in which wolfSSL is being used.

To turn on features not enabled by default please checkout the wolfSSL manual … Manual.pdf Chapter 2, section 2.4.4 Enabling Features Disabled by Default.

The only one not documented (because it is considered unsafe for use) is ECB mode, please check the source file in wolfssl/wolfcrypt/src/aes.c for the option to turn on "direct" encryption.

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