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Topic: Error 188 during attempt to verify certificate of server

Dear all,

Please kindly assist a new user to WolfSSL? I have faced a roadblock whereby an Error -188, ASN no signer error to confirm failure when attempting to verify certificate of server.

Attempted methods:

1) Attempted to change certificate authority file using "-A" method but was faced with the same error.

I have attached an image for the error faced as well. Please kindly assist thank you.


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Re: Error 188 during attempt to verify certificate of server

Hi @kicku6

As you noted, that error usually indicates a problem with the CA. Are you sure that the peer certificate was signed by the same CA as the CA cert you used? Alternatively, you can override certificate verification errors with the verify callback. Here is an example:
https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfssl-exam … back.c#L55