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I'm trying to implement MQTT on a device that only supports connectivity via BLE (no TCP). The TCP layer is provided by the device at the other end of the BLE connection.

My first idea was using wolfMQTT simply as an MQTT wrapper, but I'm not sure this is possible.
Then I thought about adapting the MqttNet callbacks to wrap over BLE transmitted data and use it as a proxy.

The way we see it in the documentation, wolfMQTT seems to not just build MQTT frames, but also wrap it on TCP frames. Am I correct with this assumption?

Would it be possible to adapt wolfMQTT to this usecase? Or do you think there would be issues with the way wolfMQTT uses the network connection?

Thanks in advance


Re: wolfMQTT over BLE

Hello Rafa,

Welcome to the wolfSSL Forums. Yes, you are absolutely on the right track. The network layer of wolfMQTT is transport agnostic. Here is an example of a UART port: … mqttuart.c

You'll notice the network layer only requires a structure and a few functions.

Let us know if there are questions and feel free to email for priority pre-sales support.

Eric @ wolfSSL Support

Re: wolfMQTT over BLE

Thanks for the quick response.
I missed that example in the repo, I'll check it out!