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We are loading wolfEngine from an OpenSSL configuration file. The loading of engine is working. However, if we try to enable debug i.e. "enable_debug = 1" in configuration file then loading of engine fails and error messages are generated.

The error messages and relevant part of configuration is given below. What can be done to solve these error messages ? 

Error Messages
Error configuring OpenSSL
139736640579472:error:260BC066:engine routines:INT_ENGINE_CONFIGURE:engine configuration error:eng_cnf.c:191:section=wolfssl_section, name=enable_debug, value=1
139736640579472:error:0E07606D:configuration file routines:MODULE_RUN:module initialization error:conf_mod.c:225:module=engines, value=engine_section, retcode=-1

Part of Configuration

openssl_conf = openssl_init

engines = engine_section

wolfSSL = wolfssl_section

# If using OpenSSL <= 1.0.2, change engine_id to wolfengine (drop the "lib").
engine_id = wolfengine
dynamic_path = /path/
init = 1
# Use wolfEngine as the default for all algorithms it provides.
default_algorithms = ALL
# Only enable when debugging application - produces large amounts of output.
enable_debug = 1



Re: enable_debug = 1

Hi m_u_h,

How are you building the wolfSSL you are using with wolfEngine?  You will need to build with debug enabled, either with --enable-debug or by defining DEBUG_WOLFSSL.



Re: enable_debug = 1

Hi Kareem,

Thanks for the clarification. We will re-try it after building it with ""--enable -debug" flag.

Best Regards,