Topic: Simple browser testing issue with ssl library (from old forums)


2007-06-19 07:03:33 UTC
MS Internet Explorer does not connect to the Server (from examples folder). Exeption on call of sendServerKeyExchange(*ssl): _CrtIsValidHeapPointer "This may be due to a corruption of the heap, and indicates a bug in server.exe or any of the DLLs it has loaded."

In general, I wish to connect yaSSL client and Win32 Server based on MS SSPI.

Excuse for my bad English smile
touskaProject Admin

2007-06-19 22:15:21 UTC

I'm not able to reproduce this problem. First of all, you should use the echoserver example when trying to connect with a browser client since most of those clients do a termination and then resumption. The server example only responds to one request and then terminates while the echoserver example stays alive until you send a "quit" command or force quit it.

I tested the example echoserver of yaSSL version 1.6.8 built using GCC and MSVC against IE 6 and 7. Which compiler and version are you using, broswer version? Does the testsuite pass?