Topic: How to troubleshoot a connection with wolfSSL

How do i troubleshoot an ssl connection when it's using cyassl?
I cannot use ssl_get_error
I cannot use SSL_set_connect_state
i cannot use BIO options
What can i use and can you please give me an example.
I'm using c++

And is there maybe a way to add extra options to wolfssl?

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Bas Hendriks
touskaProject Admin

2008-09-11 19:09:23 UTC
There are several ways you can troubleshoot a wolfSSL connection; print out error codes, capture SSL packets, connect with an SSL program you know better to see their error code...

Why can't you use SSL_get_error()?

If you wan't C++ and more OpenSSL compatibility you should try yaSSL. SSL_set_connect_state() is there. Otherwise you can manually set your method object on creation with one the functions like TLSv1_client_method().

What BIO options do you need for an SSL connection? If it's non-blocking you can set that on the socket directly.

There are plenty of examples in the examples directory showing clients, servers, non-blocking, testing error-codes, and the like. Please take a look at them.

Feel free to add options to wolfSSL or you can make a case why an option should be in an embedded ssl product. That is, something that can't easily be done another way and provides desired functionality. We're happy to add options but we're also concerned with keeping the product very small, so there's always a trade off.