Topic: CyaSSL Release 2.7.0 Now Available

The bi-monthly release of CyaSSL, 2.7.0, is now ready to download from our website.  New features include:

- SNI (Server Name Indication) for both the client and server with --enable-sni
- KEIL MDK-ARM project files in IDE/MDK-ARM
- Domain name match checks now included wildcard and Subject altname checks by default
- More consistent error returns across all APIs
- Authority Subject ID support for Certificate matching
- Persistent session and certificate cache functionality
- Client session table lookups at the library level instead of making the application cache the sessions
- Camellia support for the SSL sniffer
- User controllable settings for DTLS timeout values
- DTLS reliability enhancements for the handshake
- Better ThreadX support out of the box

Please see the README and our on-line documentation for more information or feel free to contact us.