Topic: mutual TLS server can accept multi certification file?

I have a question.
I'm  making a kind of vpn solution which use mutual TLS communication;

I'm a beginner in TLS or SSL communcation.

I'm testing mutual TLS with cyaSSL example  server.c and client.c .

Below  is file loading order in server.c

1.SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations (loading client certification file)

In thie situation.

Unlike cyaSSL example(server.c)
if the server  have a client who have different certification file,
In what order the server should accept client?

I'm planning to make a cerification file and private key file  for all client. and we are planning to distribute  that file to each client.

I'm not sure my question is logically correct.


Re: mutual TLS server can accept multi certification file?

Hi dhryoo,

I'm not sure I understand your question.  Could you clarify?  The order of loading the certs and keys should be the same, no matter if the client certificate is different than our example one.