Topic: wolfSSL 3.4.6 Now Available

Release 3.4.6 (March 30, 2015) of wolfSSL has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Intel Assembly Speedups using instructions rdrand, rdseed, aesni, avx1/2, rorx, mulx, adox, adcx .  They can be enabled with “--enable-intelasm”. These speedup the use of RNG, SHA2, and public key algorithms.

  • Ed25519 support at the crypto level. Turn on with --enable-ed25519.  Examples in “wolcrypt/test/test.c”, ed25519_test().

  • Post Handshake Memory reductions. wolfSSL can now hold less than 1,000 bytes of memory per secure connection including cipher state.

  • wolfSSL API and wolfCrypt API fixes, you can still include the cyassl and ctaocrypt headers which will enable the compatibility APIs for the foreseeable future

  • INSTALL file to help direct users to build instructions for their environment

  • For ECC users with the normal math library a fix that prevents a crash when verify signature fails.  Users of 3.4.0 with ECC and the normal math library must update

  • RC4 is now disabled by default in autoconf mode

  • AES-GCM and ChaCha20/Poly1305 are now enabled by default to make AEAD ciphers available without a switch

  • External ChaCha-Poly AEAD API, thanks to Andrew Burks for the contribution

  • DHE-PSK cipher suites can now be built without ASN or Cert support

  • Fix some NO MD5 build issues with optional features

  • Freescale CodeWarrior project updates

  • ECC curves can be individually turned on/off at build time.

  • Sniffer handles Cert Status message and other minor fixes

  • SetMinVersion() at the wolfSSL Context level instead of just SSL session level to allow minimum protocol version allowed at runtime

  • RNG failure resource cleanup fix

No high level security fixes that requires an update though we always recommend updating to the latest (except note 6, use case of ecc/normal math).

See the INSTALL file included with the wolfSSL download for build instructions.

More info can be found on-line at Please contact wolfSSL at with any questions.