Topic: [SOLVED] porting wolfcrypt to a new MCU


I have been reading the information available about the library since few days ago. One feature I liked is capability of using dedicated crystallographic hardware modules of some chip manufacturer. For example, PIC32MZ of microchip, ST32F2/4 of ST, AES-NI of Intel and the others listed in the web site.

I would like to evaluate the possibility of using wolfCrypt with devices like these:

These MCU and others includes dedicated hardware modules for several cryptographic primitives (I guess they, at least, help with the computation of complex maths).

Does the support for a new chipset is usually requested by the manufacturer? or a system integrator/solution developer can request the services?

How is the procedure to add support to a new chipset in wolfcrypt?

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- Fred


Re: [SOLVED] porting wolfcrypt to a new MCU

Hi Fred,

Requests for adding support for new hardware crypto modules come from both manufactures as well as individual companies/developers.

I'll send you an email to continue the conversation.

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