Topic: DTLS 1.2 Support /Java JNI

First of all, Hi!

Im about to start developing a WebRTC application using Java/Scala. WebRTC will start requiring DTLS 1.2 ECDSA in future versions.

I would like to know what version of WolfSSL supports DTLS 1.2, and if its possible or at least documented how to do a JNI to java, so I could use wolfssl to develop all cryptographic operations in my App.


Re: DTLS 1.2 Support /Java JNI

Hi vittico,

wolfSSL proper has had ECC support for roughly three years now.  If you're starting off a new project with wolfSSL, I would recommend downloading the latest stable version (3.7.0) from our download page:

We have a JNI wrapper for wolfSSL called "wolfSSL JNI".  We bundle this as a separate product, which also wraps the DTLS 1.2 support of wolfSSL.  You can find more info about this product at the below URL, and download it from the same download page as above.  FYI, we have a new version of wolfSSL JNI that will be compatible with the 3.7.0 release coming out this week. … sljni.html

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