Topic: WolfSSL Support for MQX

I have been directed by MQX forum to wolfssl. I am using MQX.

I am not too sure of the support for ssh in wolfssl...Any suggestion or guidance welcome....


Re: WolfSSL Support for MQX

Hi sanny,

We don't currently have a version of SSH for MQX, but we are working on a few SSH projects internally. 

The first is a port of wolfSSL into OpenSSH.  We're in the process of getting our patches accepted by the OpenSSH project.  This has been tested on a Linux/Unix environment, but not an embedded OS.

In addition to our OpenSSH port, we're working on writing our own SSH implementation for embedded devices.  This will be called wolfSSH.  We don't yet have a release date scheduled for this, but it's on our roadmap for 2016: … _2016.html

What kind of project are you working on?

Best Regards,