Topic: Porting wolfMQTT on Cortex-M4


I am trying to port wolfMQTT on Cortex-M4 based platform named "WyzBee".

My implementation should go like this:

1) WyzBee is equipped with a wireless module, so I am able to create a plain TCP socket connection with the server.

2) Now on top of it, I want to make a TLS1.2 implementation using MQTT, for secured data transmission.

I ported 'wolfMQTT' library and 'wolfSSL' library, but I am unable to build it down to zero error. I am not using any OS and it is a single threaded application.

I am using CooCox CoIDE for development (on Windows 7).

Can anyone help me to port these libraries and achieve my goal. New ideas are most welcome.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Porting wolfMQTT on Cortex-M4

Hi gauravsh,

Did you encounter build errors with wolfMQTT or wolfSSL, or both?  If so, can you elaborate?

The wolfSSL porting guide is located here: … guide.html

We don't have a wolfMQTT porting guide yet, but will be able to answer questions that you have regarding porting wolfMQTT.