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Topic: [SOLVED] CCM star(CCM*) library?

I'm trying to implement the 802.15.4 security which uses the CCM* mode for encryption/authentication.
(802.15.4-2011 Annex B (normative) CCM* mode of operation)
(I also attached the document from 802.15 web site)

So far, I was only able to find just the CCM encryption/decryption function in the wolfSSL library.
(wc_AesCcmEncrypt, wc_AesCcmDecrypt)

But as I understand, these functions only support CCM, not CCM*.

Is there such a function that can support the CCM* security operations in the wolfSSL library?

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Re: [SOLVED] CCM star(CCM*) library?

Hi Zine314,

It looks like the AES CCM* (star) spec adds variable length auth tags plus some encoding info. We do support the normal AES CCM block cipher, which AES CCM* is backwards compatibility with, but we do not support CCM*.

I put this on our feature request list. We do offer consulting services to help expedite features. If you would like more info on this option please email us at info@wolfssl.com.

David Garske, wolfSSL


Re: [SOLVED] CCM star(CCM*) library?

Hi dgarske,

Thank you for the clarification.