Topic: RSA Key pair gen

Hello, my quest to find a simple C library that implements RSA and ssl for embedded systems has led me to wolfSSL. So far I like what I see (although under-documented).

My question is quite simple:

I want to generate a simple RSA key pair, a public and a private key that I will then be able to use with the wolfSSL API. How can I do this? I've seen one thread in this forum that seemed to indicate it's not possible, but I would like to be sure.

If it's not possible, may I inquire why, it seems like it is a core capability of RSA/

Finally, if it's not implemented in wolfSSL, does anyone have some pointers as to how I can implement it myself?



Re: RSA Key pair gen


wolfSSL (as of release 1.6.0), includes support for RSA key generation.  wolfSSL must be built with the "--enable-keygen" option.  You can then you can follow instructions provided in Chapter 7 of the wolfSSL Manual: "Keys and Certificates", here: … cates.html