Topic: Integration with Atmel ATECC508A

Hi there,

I want to use the Atmel ATECC508A chip to offload the ECC related computation from MCU, and I know WolfSSL is already integrated with Atmel ATECC508A via this link

But after I download the source code of wolfSSL/wolfCrypt ATECC508A port, I notice there are many comments like "TODO: Implement equiv call to ATECC508A" and the code just returns an error code correspondingly.

So my question is that, is this port completed or not? Could you provide any support on this subject?



Re: Integration with Atmel ATECC508A

Hi cunsuo.guo,

We were mid-port when the microchip acquisition of Atmel went through. When the acquisition happened the funding for the project was stopped so progress on the port came to a halt. It is still on our TODO list (thus the comments) but as it is no longer a funded project it has been de-escalated in priority. We plan on getting back to it, but we have no set time frame as of now. If another customer decides to fund the effort it will be escalated in priority again!

We are prepared to support any of the existing port but without an active developer working on the project we can not provide support for the TODO sections at this time.