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Appendix C: Error Codes

C.1 wolfSSL Error Codes
wolfSSL error codes can be found in wolfssl/ssl.h. For detailed descriptions of the following errors, see the OpenSSL man page for SSL_get_error (man SSL_get_error).

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description

Additional wolfSSL error codes can be found in wolfssl/error-ssl.h.

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description
INPUT_CASE_ERROR -301 process input state error
PREFIX_ERROR -302 bad index to key rounds
MEMORY_ERROR -303 out of memory
VERIFY_FINISHED_ERROR -304 verify problem on finished
VERIFY_MAC_ERROR -305 verify mac problem
PARSE_ERROR -306 parse error on header
UNKNOWN_HANDSHAKE_TYPE -307 weird handshake type
SOCKET_ERROR_E -308 error state on socket
SOCKET_NODATA -309 expected data, not there
INCOMPLETE_DATA -310 don't have enough data to complete task
UNKNOWN_RECORD_TYPE -311 unknown type in record hdr
DECRYPT_ERROR -312 error during decryption
FATAL_ERROR -313 revcd alert fatal error
ENCRYPT_ERROR -314 error during encryption
FREAD_ERROR -315 fread problem
NO_PEER_KEY -316 need peer's key
NO_PRIVATE_KEY -317 need the private key
RSA_PRIVATE_ERROR -318 error during rsa priv op
NO_DH_PARAMS -319 server missing DH params
BUILD_MSG_ERROR -320 build message failure
BAD_HELLO -321 client hello malformed
DOMAIN_NAME_MISMATCH -322 peer subject name mismatch
WANT_READ -323 want read, call again
NOT_READY_ERROR -324 handshake layer not ready
VERSION_ERROR -326 record layer version error
WANT_WRITE -327 want write, call again
BUFFER_ERROR -328 malformed buffer input
VERIFY_CERT_ERROR -329 verify cert error
VERIFY_SIGN_ERROR -330 verify sign error
CLIENT_ID_ERROR -331 psk client identity error
SERVER_HINT_ERROR -332 psk server hint error
PSK_KEY_ERROR -333 psk key error
GETTIME_ERROR -337 gettimeofday failed ???
GETITIMER_ERROR -338 getitimer failed ???
SIGACT_ERROR -339 sigaction failed ???
SETITIMER_ERROR -340 setitimer failed ???
LENGTH_ERROR -341 record layer length error
PEER_KEY_ERROR -342 cant decode peer key
ZERO_RETURN -343 peer sent close notify
SIDE_ERROR -344 wrong client/server type
NO_PEER_CERT -345 peer didn't send key
NTRU_KEY_ERROR -346 NTRU key error
NTRU_DRBG_ERROR -347 NTRU drbg error
NTRU_ENCRYPT_ERROR -348 NTRU encrypt error
NTRU_DECRYPT_ERROR -349 NTRU decrypt error
ECC_EXPORT_ERROR -354 Bad ECC Export Key
ECC_SHARED_ERROR -355 Bad ECC Shared Secret
NOT_CA_ERROR -357 Not CA cert error
BAD_CERT_MANAGER_ERROR -359 Bad Cert Manager
OCSP_CERT_REVOKED -360 OCSP Certificate revoked
CRL_CERT_REVOKED -361 CRL Certificate revoked
CRL_MISSING -362 CRL Not loaded
MONITOR_SETUP_E -363 CRL Monitor setup error
THREAD_CREATE_E -364 Thread Create Error
OCSP_NEED_URL -365 OCSP need an URL for lookup
OCSP_CERT_UNKNOWN -366 OCSP responder doesn’t know
OCSP_LOOKUP_FAIL -367 OCSP lookup not successful
MAX_CHAIN_ERROR -368 max chain depth exceeded
COOKIE_ERROR -369 dtls cookie error
SEQUENCE_ERROR -370 dtls sequence error
SUITES_ERROR -371 suites pointer error
OUT_OF_ORDER_E -373 out of order message
BAD_KEA_TYPE_E -374 bad KEA type found
SANITY_CIPHER_E -375 sanity check on cipher error
RECV_OVERFLOW_E -376 RXCB returned more than rqed
GEN_COOKIE_E -377 Generate Cookie Error
NO_PEER_VERIFY -378 Need peer cert verify Error
FWRITE_ERROR -379 fwrite problem
CACHE_MATCH_ERROR -380 cache hrd match error
UNKNOWN_SNI_HOST_NAME_E -381 Unrecognized host name Error
UNKNOWN_MAX_FRAG_LEN_E -382 Unrecognized max frag len Error
KEYUSE_SIGNATURE_E -383 KeyUse digSignature error
KEYUSE_ENCIPHER_E -385 KeyUse KeyEncipher error
EXTKEYUSE_AUTH_E -386 ExtKeyUse server|client_auth
SEND_OOB_READ_E -387 Send Cb out of bounds read
SECURE_RENEGOTIATION_E -388 Invalid renegotiation info
SESSION_TICKET_LEN_E -389 Session Ticket too large
SESSION_TICKET_EXPECT_E -390 Session Ticket missing
SCR_DIFFERENT_CERT_E -391 SCR Different cert error
SESSION_SECRET_CB_E -392 Session secret CB fcn failure
NO_CHANGE_CIPHER_E -393 Finished before change cipher
SANITY_MSG_E -394 Sanity check on msg order error
DUPLICATE_MST_E -395 Duplicate message error
SNI_UNSUPPORTED -396 SSL 3.0 does not support SNI
SOCKET_PEER_CLOSED_E -397 Underlying transport closed
BAD_TICKET_KEY_CB_SZ -398 Bad session ticket key cb size
BAD_TICKET_MSG_SZ -399 Bad session ticket msg size
BAD_TICKET_ENCRYPT -400 Bad user ticket encrypt
DH_KEY_SIZE_E -401 DH key too small
SNI_ABSENT_ERROR -402 No SNI request
RSA_SIGN_FAULT -403 RSA sign fault
HANDSHAKE_SIZE_ERROR -404 Handshake message too large
UNKNOWN_ALPN_PROTOCOL_NAME_E -405 Unrecognized protocol name error
BAD_CERTIFICATE_STATUS_ERROR -406 Bad certificate status message
OCSP_INVALID_STATUS -407 Invalid OCSP status
OCSP_WANT_READ -408 OCSP callback response
RSA_KEY_SIZE_E -409 RSA key too small
ECC_KEY_SIZE_E -410 ECC key too small
DTLS_EXPORT_VER_E -411 Export version error
INPUT_SIZE_E -412 Input size too big error
CTX_INIT_MUTEX_E -413 Initialize ctx mutex error
EXT_MASTER_SECRET_NEEDED_E -414 Need EMS enabled to resume
DTLS_POOL_SZ_E -415 Exceeded DTLS pool size
DECODE_E -416 Decode handshake message error
HTTP_TIMEOUT -417 HTTP timeout for OCSP or CRL req
WRITE_DUP_READ_E -418 Write dup write side can’t read
WRITE_DUP_WRITE_E -419 Write dup read side can’t write
INVALID_CERT_CTX_E -420 TLS cert ctx not matching
BAD_KEY_SHARE_DATA -421 Key share data invalid
MISSING_HANDSHAKE_DATA -422 Handshake message missing data
BAD_BINDER -423 Binder does not match
EXT_NOT_ALLOWED -424 Extension not allowed in msg
INVALID_PARAMETER -425 Security parameter invalid
MCAST_HIGHWATER_CB_E -426 Multicast highwater cb err
ALERT_COUNT_E -427 Alert count exceeded err
EXT_MISSING -428 Required extension not found
UNSUPPORTED_EXTENSION -429 TLSX not requested by client
PRF_MISSING -430 PRF not compiled in
DTLS_RETX_OVER_TX -431 Retransmit DTLS flight over
DH_PARAMS_NOT_FFDHE_E -432 DH params from server not FFDHE

Negotiation Parameter errors:

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description
UNSUPPORTED_SUITE -500 Unsupported cipher suite
MATCH_SUITE_ERROR -501 Can’t match cipher suite
COMPRESSION_ERROR -502 Compression mismatch
KEY_SHARE_ERROR -503 Key share mismatch
POST_HAND_AUTH_ERROR -504 Client won’t do post-hand auth
HRR_COOKIE_ERROR -505 HRR msg cookie mismatch

C.2 wolfCrypt Error Codes
wolfCrypt error codes can be found in wolfssl/wolfcrypt/error-crypt.h.

Error Code Enum Error Code Error Description
OPEN_RAN_E -101 opening random device error
READ_RAN_E -102 reading random device error
WINCRYPT_E -103 windows crypt init error
CRYPTGEN_E -104 windows crypt generation error
RAN_BLOCK_E -105 reading random device would block
BAD_MUTEX_E -106 Bad mutex operation
MP_INIT_E -110 mp_init error state
MP_READ_E -111 mp_read error state
MP_EXPTMOD_E -112 mp_exptmod error state
MP_TO_E -113 mp_to_xxx error state, can't convert
MP_SUB_E -114 mp_sub error state, can't subtract
MP_ADD_E -115 mp_add error state, can't add
MP_MUL_E -116 mp_mul error state, can't multiply
MP_MULMOD_E -117 mp_mulmod error state, can't multiply mod
MP_MOD_E -118 mp_mod error state, can't mod
MP_INVMOD_E -119 mp_invmod error state, can't inv mod
MP_CMP_E -120 mp_cmp error state
MP_ZERO_E -121 got a mp zero result, not expected
MEMORY_E -125 out of memory error
RSA_WRONG_TYPE_E -130 RSA wrong block type for RSA function
RSA_BUFFER_E -131 RSA buffer error, output too small or input too large
BUFFER_E -132 output buffer too small or input too large
ALGO_ID_E -133 setting algo id error
PUBLIC_KEY_E -134 setting public key error
DATE_E -135 setting date validity error
SUBJECT_E -136 setting subject name error
ISSUER_E -137 setting issuer name error
CA_TRUE_E -138 setting CA basic constraint true error
EXTENSIONS_E -139 setting extensions error
ASN_PARSE_E -140 ASN parsing error, invalid input
ASN_VERSION_E -141 ASN version error, invalid number
ASN_GETINT_E -142 ASN get big int error, invalid data
ASN_RSA_KEY_E -143 ASN key init error, invalid input
ASN_OBJECT_ID_E -144 ASN object id error, invalid id
ASN_TAG_NULL_E -145 ASN tag error, not null
ASN_EXPECT_0_E -146 ASN expect error, not zero
ASN_BITSTR_E -147 ASN bit string error, wrong id
ASN_UNKNOWN_OID_E -148 ASN oid error, unknown sum id
ASN_DATE_SZ_E -149 ASN date error, bad size
ASN_BEFORE_DATE_E -150 ASN date error, current date before
ASN_AFTER_DATE_E -151 ASN date error, current date after
ASN_SIG_OID_E -152 ASN signature error, mismatched oid
ASN_TIME_E -153 ASN time error, unknown time type
ASN_INPUT_E -154 ASN input error, not enough data
ASN_SIG_CONFIRM_E -155 ASN sig error, confirm failure
ASN_SIG_HASH_E -156 ASN sig error, unsupported hash type
ASN_SIG_KEY_E -157 ASN sig error, unsupported key type
ASN_DH_KEY_E -158 ASN key init error, invalid input
ASN_NTRU_KEY_E -159 ASN ntru key decode error, invalid input
ASN_CRIT_EXT_E -160 ASN unsupported critical extension
ECC_BAD_ARG_E -170 ECC input argument of wrong type
ASN_ECC_KEY_E -171 ASN ECC bad input
ECC_CURVE_OID_E -172 Unsupported ECC OID curve type
BAD_FUNC_ARG -173 Bad function argument provided
NOT_COMPILED_IN -174 Feature not compiled in
UNICODE_SIZE_E -175 Unicode password too big
NO_PASSWORD -176 no password provided by user
ALT_NAME_E -177 alt name size problem, too big
AES_GCM_AUTH_E -180 AES-GCM Authentication check failure
AES_CCM_AUTH_E -181 AES-CCM Authentication check failure
CAVIUM_INIT_E -182 Cavium Init type error
COMPRESS_INIT_E -183 Compress init error
COMPRESS_E -184 Compress error
DECOMPRESS_INIT_E -185 DeCompress init error
DECOMPRESS_E -186 DeCompress error
BAD_ALIGN_E -187 Bad alignment for operation, no alloc
ASN_NO_SIGNER_E -188 ASN sig error, no CA signer to verify certificate
ASN_CRL_CONFIRM_E -189 ASN CRL no signer to confirm failure
ASN_CRL_NO_SIGNER_E -190 ASN CRL no signer to confirm failure
ASN_OCSP_CONFIRM_E -191 ASN OCSP signature confirm failure
BAD_ENC_STATE_E -192 Bad ecc enc state operation
BAD_PADDING_E -193 Bad padding, msg not correct length
REQ_ATTRIBUTE_E -194 Setting cert request attributes error
PKCS7_OID_E -195 PKCS#7, mismatched OID error
PKCS7_RECIP_E -196 PKCS#7, recipient error
FIPS_NOT_ALLOWED_E -197 FIPS not allowed error
ASN_NAME_INVALID_E -198 ASN name constraint error
RNG_FAILURE_E -199 RNG Failed, Reinitialize
HMAC_MIN_KEYLEN_E -200 FIPS Mode HMAC Minimum Key Length error
RSA_PAD_E -201 RSA Padding Error
LENGTH_ONLY_E -202 Returning output length only
IN_CORE_FIPS_E -203 In Core Integrity check failure
AES_KAT_FIPS_E -204 AES KAT failure
DES3_KAT_FIPS_E -205 DES3 KAT failure
RSA_KAT_FIPS_E -207 RSA KAT failure
DRBG_CONT_FIPS_E -209 HASH DRBG Continuous test failure
THREAD_STORE_KEY_E -211 Thread local storage key create failure
THREAD_STORE_SET_E -212 Thread local storage key set failure
MAC_CMP_FAILED_E -213 MAC comparison failed
IS_POINT_E -214 ECC is point on curve failed
ECC_INF_E -215 ECC point infinity error
ECC_PRIV_KEY_E -216 ECC private key not valid error
SRP_CALL_ORDER_E -217 SRP function called in the wrong order
SRP_VERIFY_E -218 SRP proof verification failed
SRP_BAD_KEY_E -219 SRP bad ephemeral values
ASN_NO_SKID -220 ASN no Subject Key Identifier found
ASN_NO_AKID -221 ASN no Authority Key Identifier found
ASN_NO_KEYUSAGE -223 ASN no Key Usage found
SKID_E -224 Setting Subject Key Identifier error
AKID_E -225 Setting Authority Key Identifier error
KEYUSAGE_E -226 Bad Key Usage value
CERTPOLICIES_E -227 Setting Certificate Policies error
WC_INIT_E -228 wolfCrypt failed to initialize
SIG_VERIFY_E -229 wolfCrypt signature verify error
BAD_PKCS7_SIGNEEDS_CHECKCOND_E -230 Bad condition variable operation
SIG_TYPE_E -231 Signature Type not enabled/available
HASH_TYPE_E -232 Hash Type not enabled/available
WC_KEY_SIZE_E -234 Key size error, either too small or large
ASN_COUNTRY_SIZE_E -235 ASN Cert Gen, invalid country code size
MISSING_RNG_E -236 RNG required but not provided
ASN_PATHLEN_SIZE_E -237 ASN CA path length too large error
ASN_PATHLEN_INV_E -238 ASN CA path length inversion error
BAD_KEYWRAP_ALG_E -239 Algorithm error with keywrap
BAD_KEYWRAP_IV_E -240 Decrypted AES key wrap IV incorrect
WC_CLEANUP_E -241 wolfCrypt cleanup failed
ECC_CDH_KAT_FIPS_E -242 ECC CDH known answer test failure
DH_CHECK_PUB_E -243 DH check public key error
BAD_PATH_ERROR -244 Bad path for opendir
ASYNC_OP_E -245 Async operation error
ECC_PRIVATEONLY_E -246 Invalid use of private only ECC key
EXTKEYUSAGE_E -247 Bad extended key usage value
WC_HW_E -248 Error with hardware crypto use
WC_HW_WAIT_E -249 Hardware waiting on resource
PSS_SALTLEN_E -250 PSS length of salt is too long for hash
PRIME_GEN_E -251 Failure finding a prime
BER_INDEF_E -252 Cannot decode indefinite length BER
RSA_OUT_OF_RANGE_E -253 Ciphertext to decrypt out of range
DH_KAT_FIPS_E -256 DH KAT failure
SHA3_KAT_FIPS_E -258 SHA-3 KAT failure
AES_GCM_OVERFLOW_E -260 AES-GCM invocation counter overflow
AES_CCM_OVERFLOW_E -261 AES_CCM invocation counter overflow
RSA_KEY_PAIR_E -262 RSA Key Pair-Wise consistency check fail
DH_CHECK_PRIVE_E -263 DH check private key error
WC_AFALG_SOCK_E -264 AF_ALG socket error
WC_DEVCRYPTO_E -265 /dev/crypto error
ZLIB_INIT_ERROR -266 Zlib init error
ZLIB_COMPRESS_ERROR -267 Zlib compression error
ZLIB_DECOMPRESS_ERROR -268 Zlib decompression error
PKCS7_NO_SIGNER_E -269 No signer in PKCS7 signed data msg
WC_PKCS7_WANT_READ_E -270 PKCS7 stream operation wants more input
CRYPTOCB_UNAVAILABLE -271 Crypto callback unavailable
PKCS7_SIGNEEDS_CHECK -272 Signature needs verified by caller
ASN_SELF_SIGNED_E -273 ASN self-signed certificate error
MIN_CODE_E -300 errors -101 - -299