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Please Contact Us if you are downloading this as an evaluation and need evaluation support. For additional downloads, including yaSSL (C++), and our Java SSL Provider, see the More Downloads page. If you need the COMMERCIALLY LICENSED versions, please contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.


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This form allows you to download the most recent stable open source (GPLv2/GPLv3) versions of both wolfSSL and wolfSSL JNI. If your project cannot tolerate the terms of the GPLv2/GPLv3, please contact us to learn more about our commercial license.

For users looking to download the wolfCrypt embedded crypto engine, this is included in the wolfSSL package below.


(SHA256: 59edfb6b70c17c82f2ef6126198549adf6cbccee8f013cfca88323590f8cbd43)

wolfSSL 4.7.0 includes bug fixes, vulnerability fixes, and new features including OpenSSL compatibility layer expansion, ability to enable a subset of TLS alerts, Keying Material Exporters for TLS, --enable-wolftpm build option, Linux kernel module improvements, and more.

License: GPLV2

Release Date: 02/15/2021


(SHA256: ec8749e638d9b42cb0d8577a2c0defe79313c666eb5133e4fa35f9fc0647629d)

wolfSSL-FIPS-READY is our FIPS specific cryptography code base which you can enable and build into your application. This FIPS-READY version includes all of the code you need to be ready to move forward with the FIPS validation process. wolfSSL-FIPS-READY supports a validated entropy source, all of the TLS 1.3 algorithms, and support for hardware encryption. Get ready for FIPS by using this download!

License: GPLV3

Release Date: 02/16/2021


(SHA256: 196a3256a9044ecb89504ce77850342c82e676e7f2cad77f5584be3516b6060e)

This release includes one vulnerability fix, bug fixes, fixes to TLS 1.3 including support for Draft 21, disables TLS 1.0 by default, new options for memory reduction, Intel AVX1/AVX2 performance improvements, SHA-3 size and performance improvements, assembly optimizations for Curve25519 and Ed25519, expanded OpenSSL compatibility layer, updated project files for Visual Studio, TI-RTOS, STM32 CubeMX, IAR EWARM, Apple Xcode, and more!

License: GPLV2

Release Date: 12/21/2017


(SHA256: 92911adc14d5c9fd6cc5fc9c2b770ac525b9ae178e5a8c0fed299d62d9a17ed4)

wolfTPM 2.1 includes bug fixes and new features including symmetric key support for key generation examples, NVRAM examples, STM32 CubeMX I2C support, TPM 2.0 details with Windows TBS, updated example certs, improved examples to use key templates, and more!

License: GPLV2

Release Date: 03/17/2021


(SHA256: 5ed4007c096329ea77d803a49b91bac4f4dcb80b241d26900ce2c8df576fe4b8)

wolfMQTT 1.8.0 fixes non-blocking in WIN32 with large payloads, makes TLS I/O callback functions public, updates the default test broker, fixes MQTT-SN in multithreaded environments, and more!

License: GPLV2

Release Date: 02/19/2021


(SHA256: db6c11e8fc99ec2c5192e95bda79e75a9818b31bbc456c7b8cce11c4ed9455c3)

wolfSSH 1.4.6 includes bug fixes and new features including more modular builds optionally without RSA or ECC, MQX IDE build, new command line option for Agent use with example client, and more!

License: GPLV3

Release Date: 02/03/2021


(SHA256: 890760dda034b2fa2a7babdc459f1d654e93c0e4674f8e22333c941f1af84f91)

wolfBoot is a secure bootloader that leverages wolfSSL's underlying wolfCrypt module to provide signature authentication for the running firmware. This version adds support for measured boot via TPM, support for TZEN on Cortex-m33, option to disable backup/fallback, FLAGS_HOME to store UPDATE flags in the BOOT partition, Zynq support for eFuse, Xilinx support for BSP QSPI driver, ARMv8-m, STM32L5xx, NXP iMX-RT1060, STM32L0x3, and more!

License: GPLV2

Release Date: 02/03/2021


(SHA256: 7105c856779a372f172cc6a7db0bc23261c40e1fe92517a787386e884abb2915)

cURL 7.74.0 includes bug fixes, CVE fixes, the addition of experimental support for Strict-Transport-Security (hits), and more!

License: GPLV3

Release Date: 12/09/2020


(SHA256: 12a076025a65a18251ba2ab6e9136c496d8582c7f0846178e9311f98f6167949)

tiny-curl version 7.72.0 includes bug fixes and new features including Micrium uC/OS-III support and FreeRTOS support!

License: GPLV3

Release Date: 08/19/2020


(SHA256: 11ce891350097ed1ad4ebbbf2120e58ecb523a0374aeb4cd9c7a74077c775f94)

wolfSSL JNI/JSSE 1.7.0 includes bug fixes and changes including fixes for Facebook Infer analysis reports, better error handling in DEFAULT_Context creation, WolfSSLContext creation optimization, Socket improvements, X509TrustStore issuer loading optimization, compiler warning fixes, and more!

License: GPLV2

Release Date: 01/15/2021


(SHA256: d573fec98298c927037be877ff04f41a97a9a65fdee2c40bb4b6d45c99bb9164)

wolfCrypt JNI/JCE 1.1.0 includes bug fixes and new features including JNI wrappers for ChaCha, Curve25519, and Ed25519, updated error code values, native HMAC wrapper fixes for FIPSv2, removal of Blake2b from HMAC types, better native wolfSSL feature detection, nativeheaderdir support, and more!

License: GPLV2

Release Date: 08/26/2020


The wolfSSL source code is subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. law, and may not be exported or re-exported to certain countries (currently Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) or to persons or entities prohibited from receiving U.S. exports (including Denied Parties, entities on the Bureau of Export Administration Entity List, and Specially Designated Nationals).

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