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wolfSentry Release History and Change Log

wolfSentry Release 1.6.2 (January 2, 2024)

Release 1.6.2 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has enhancements, additions, and improvements including:

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

In scripts and Makefile, interpreters (bash and awk) now follow search PATH. Explicit override paths to bash and awk can be supplied by passing values for SHELL and AWK to make.

Change type of length argument to wolfsentry_action_res_assoc_by_name() to int, to allow it to accept WOLFSENTRY_LENGTH_NULL_TERMINATED (negative number).

Makefile option STRIPPED has been split into STRIPPED and FUNCTION_SECTIONS, the latter directing the compiler and linker to cull any unused object code (with function granularity) to minimize total size.

Bug Fixes, Cleanups, and Debugging Aids

In handle_route_endpoint_clause(), add casts to work around an implicit-promotion bug in gcc-7.5.

In wolfsentry_route_table_max_purgeable_idle_time_get() and _set(), don't use atomic operations, as the context is already locked and the operand is an int64_t. This avoids an inadvertent dependency on software __atomic_load_8() and __atomic_store_8() on 32 bit targets.

Various fixes for benign cppcheck reports (duplicateCondition, unsignedLessThanZero, unreadVariable, invalidPrintfArgType_uint, invalidPrintfArgType_sint, shadowFunction, constVariablePointer, preprocessorErrorDirective).

Self-Test Enhancements

Add replace_rule_transactionally(), now used in test_static_routes() for a thorough workout.

Enhance freertos-arm32-build-test target to do two builds, one with and one without FUNCTION_SECTIONS, for more thorough coverage.

In test_lwip() (tests/unittests.c), pass a trivial JSON config to activate_wolfsentry_lwip(), to avoid compiler optimizing away wolfsentry_config_json_oneshot() and its dependencies.

Split cppcheck-analyze recipe into cppcheck-library, cppcheck-force-library, cppcheck-extras, and cppcheck-force-extras, with increased coverage. Only cppcheck-library and cppcheck-extras are included in the "check-all" dependency list.

wolfSentry Release 1.6.1 (November 18, 2023)

Release 1.6.1 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has enhancements, additions, and improvements including:

New Features

Dynamic rules with nonzero connection counts are now subject to deferred expiration, to assure traffic over established connections is allowed until all connections are closed, even with pauses in traffic flow exceeding the max idle time configured for the rule.

When a rule with a nonzero connection count is deleted, actual deletion is deferred until all connections are closed or the "max-purgeable-idle-time" is reached (see below). New success code WOLFSENTRY_SUCCESS_ID_DEFERRED is returned in that case. If an identical rule is inserted before the deferred deletion, the existing rule is unmarked for deletion and the insertion call returns another new success code, WOLFSENTRY_SUCCESS_ID_ALREADY_OK.

A "max-purgeable-idle-time" JSON configuration option has been added, forcing expiration and purge of a zombie dynamic rule even if its current connection count is nonzero. New related APIs are also added: wolfsentry_route_table_max_purgeable_idle_time_get(), wolfsentry_route_table_max_purgeable_idle_time_set(), and wolfsentry_route_purge_time_set().

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

A new FILT_CLOSE_WAIT event type is added to the lwIP integration patch, and a corresponding WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_CLOSE_WAIT result bit is added. Appropriate callbacks are added to lwIP tcp_process() and tcp_receive(), and the lwIP glue logic now handles mapping from FILT_CLOSE_WAIT to WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_CLOSE_WAIT.

The lwIP patch has been rebased on upstream 5e3268cf3e (Oct 14 2023), while maintaining compatibility with lwIP 2.1.3-RELEASE.

Bug Fixes, Cleanups, and Debugging Aids

The lwIP patch includes several fixes: * In tcp_process(), when handling passive close and entering CLOSE_WAIT, don't tcp_filter_dispatch_incoming(FILT_CLOSED, ...) -- this happens later, at deallocation. * Fix TCP FILT_CLOSED callbacks to assure accurate interface ID and local_port are passed.

The route/rule system includes several fixes: * Add error checking to meta.connection_count decrement in wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_0(), so that rule churn can never result in count underflow. * Mask out internal flags (via new macro WOLFSENTRY_ROUTE_INTERNAL_FLAGS) from route_exports->flags in wolfsentry_route_init_by_exports(). * In wolfsentry_route_init_by_exports(), fix pointer math in memset() argument to correctly treat route_exports->private_data_size as a byte count. * In wolfsentry_route_new_by_exports(), fix check on route_exports->private_data_size to properly reflect config->route_private_data_padding. * Add missing implementation of wolfsentry_route_insert_by_exports(). * In wolfsentry_route_clone(), fix allocation to use WOLFSENTRY_MEMALIGN_1() when .route_private_data_alignment is nonzero. * In wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_0(), don't increment/decrement counts when WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_FALLTHROUGH.

In src/lwip/packet_filter_glue.c, add action_results and to WOLFSENTRY_DEBUG_LWIP messages, and add missing gates for LWIP_IPV6 in WOLFSENTRY_DEBUG_LWIP paths.

In tcp_filter_with_wolfsentry(), don't set WOLFSENTRY_ROUTE_FLAG_DIRECTION_IN for FILT_REMOTE_RESET, and fix typo "&event" in call to wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_with_inited_result().

Remove several incorrect calls to wolfsentry_table_ent_delete_by_id_1() immediately following failed calls to wolfsentry_table_ent_insert() -- the former is implicit to the latter.

Self-Test Enhancements

Add to test_json() a workout of connection_count and deferred deletion dynamics.

Makefile.analyzers: add sanitize-all-NO_POSIX_MEMALIGN-gcc; tweak notification-demo-build-test to explicitly use the master branch of wolfssl.

Makefile,Makefile.analyzers: tweaks for MacOS X compatibility.

wolfSentry Release 1.6.0 (October 24, 2023)

Release 1.6.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has enhancements, additions, and improvements including:

New Features

This release adds native support for the CAN bus address family, and for bitmask-based address matching. CAN addresses and bitmasks are now handled in configuration JSON, as numbers in decimal, octal, or hexadecimal, supporting both 11 bit (part A) and 29 bit (part B) identifiers.

Noteworthy Changes and Additions


  • Remove !WOLFSENTRY_NO_STDIO gate around wolfsentry_kv_render_value().


  • Gate inclusion of stdio.h on !WOLFSENTRY_NO_STDIO_H, formerly !WOLFSENTRY_NO_STDIO.

src/addr_families.c and wolfsentry/wolfsentry_af.h: Split WOLFSENTRY_AF_LINK into WOLFSENTRY_AF_LINK48 and WOLFSENTRY_AF_LINK64, with WOLFSENTRY_AF_LINK aliased to WOLFSENTRY_AF_LINK48.

src/kv.c: remove !WOLFSENTRY_NO_STDIO gate around wolfsentry_kv_render_value().

src/json/load_config.c: In convert_sockaddr_address(), add separate handling for WOLFSENTRY_AF_LINK48 and WOLFSENTRY_AF_LINK64.


  • Refactor NO_STDIO, NO_JSON, NO_JSON_DOM, SINGLETHREADED, STATIC, and STRIPPED to pivot on definedness, not oneness.
  • Add feature flags NO_ADDR_BITMASK_MATCHING and NO_IPV6.
  • Rename feature flag NO_STDIO to NO_STDIO_STREAMS.

Performance Improvements

src/routes.c: Added AF-mismatch optimization to wolfsentry_route_lookup_0().



doc/ add documentation and ABNF grammar for "bitmask" node in route endpoints.

Bug Fixes and Cleanups

Fixes for user settings file handling:

  • Don't #include <wolfsentry/wolfsentry_options.h> if defined(WOLFSENTRY_USER_SETTINGS_FILE).
  • Generate and install wolfsentry/wolfsentry_options.h only if USER_SETTINGS_FILE is undefined, and if USER_SETTINGS_FILE is defined, depend on it where previously the dependency was unconditionally on wolfsentry/wolfsentry_options.h.
  • If USER_SETTINGS_FILE is set search it to derive JSON build settings.

Makefile: Don't add -pthread to LDFLAGS if RUNTIME is FreeRTOS-lwIP.


  • Eliminate inclusion of errno.h -- now included only in source files that need it.
  • Fix handling for WOLFSENTRY_SEMAPHORE_INCLUDE to give it effect in all code paths (previously ignored in POSIX and FreeRTOS paths).


  • in wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_0(), move update of meta.purge_after inside the mutex.
  • in wolfsentry_route_get_metadata(), conditionalize use of 64 bit WOLFSENTRY_ATOMIC_LOAD() on pointer size, to avoid dependency on library implementation of __atomic_load_8().

src/wolfsentry_internal.c: fix use-after-free bug in wolfsentry_table_free_ents(), using new table->coupled_ent_fn mechanism.

src/json/load_config.c: In convert_sockaddr_address(), handle sa->addr_len consistently -- don't overwrite nonzero values.

src/json/{centijson_dom.c,centijson_sax.c,centijson_value.c}: eliminate direct calls to heap allocator functions in WOLFSENTRY code paths, i.e. use only wolfsentry_allocator.

src/json/centijson_value.c: fix uninited-variable defect on cmp in json_value_dict_get_or_add_().

Self-Test Enhancements

Makefile.analyzers new and enhanced test targets:

  • user-settings-build-test: construct a user settings file, then build and self-test using it.
  • library-dependency-singlethreaded-build-test and library-dependency-multithreaded-build-test: comprehensive check for unexpected unresolved symbols in the library.
  • no-addr-bitmask-matching-test, no-ipv6-test, linux-lwip-test-no-ipv6: tests for new feature gates.
  • freertos-arm32-build-test: newly refactored to perform a final link of test_lwip kernel using lwIP and FreeRTOS kernel files and newlib-nano, followed by a check on the size of the kernel.

Added wolfsentry/wolfssl_test.h, containing self-test and example logic relocated from wolfssl/wolfssl/test.h verbatim.

tests/test-config*.json: added several bitmask-matched routes, added several diagnostic events ("set-user-0" through "set-user-4"), and added no-bitmasks and no-ipv6 variants. Also removed AF-wildcard route from tests/test-config-numeric.json to increase test coverage.


  • Additional tweaks for portability to 32 bit FreeRTOS
  • Add FreeRTOS-specific implementations of test_lwip() and main().
  • In test_json(), add wolfsentry_addr_family_handler_install(...,"my_AF2",...).
  • In test_json(), add bitmask tests.
  • Added stub implementations for various FreeRTOS/newlib dependencies to support final link in freertos-arm32-build-test target.

wolfSentry Release 1.5.0 (September 13, 2023)

Release 1.5.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has enhancements, additions, and improvements including:

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

In JSON configuration, recognize "events" as equivalent to legacy "events-insert", and "routes" as equivalent to legacy "static-routes-insert". Legacy keys will continue to be recognized.

In the Makefile, FREERTOS_TOP and LWIP_TOP now refer to actual distribution top -- previously, FREERTOS_TOP expected a path to the FreeRTOS/Source subdirectory, and LWIP_TOP expected a path to the src subdirectory.

Added public functions wolfsentry_route_default_policy_set() and wolfsentry_route_default_policy_get(), implicitly accessing the main route table.

Added public functions wolfsentry_get_object_type() and wolfsentry_object_release(), companions to existing wolfsentry_object_checkout() and wolfsentry_get_object_id().

Added wolfsentry_lock_size() to facilitate caller-allocated wolfsentry_rwlocks.

WOLFSENTRY_CONTEXT_ARGS_OUT is now the first argument to utility routines wolfsentry_object_checkout(), wolfsentry_defaultconfig_get(), and wolfsentry_defaultconfig_update(), rather than a bare wolfsentry context pointer.

ports/Linux-lwIP/include/lwipopts.h: Add core locking code.

Removed unneeded routine wolfsentry_config_json_set_default_config().

Improved wolfsentry_kv_render_value() to use json_dump_string() for _KV_STRING rendering, if available, to get JSON-style escapes in output.

Implemented support for user-supplied semaphore callbacks.

Performance Improvements

The critical paths for traffic evaluation have been streamlined by eliminating ephemeral heap allocations, eliminating redundant internal initializations, adding early shortcircuit paths to avoid frivolous processing, and eliminating redundant time lookups and context locking. This results in a 33%-49% reduction in cycles per wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch() on benchmark-test, and a 29%-61% reduction on benchmark-singlethreaded-test, at under 100 cycles for a simple default-policy scenario on a 64 bit target.


Added doc/, "Building and Initializing wolfSentry for an application on FreeRTOS/lwIP".

Added doc/, "Configuring wolfSentry using a JSON document".

Doxygen-based annotations are now included in all wolfSentry header files, covering all functions, macros, types, enums, and structures.

The PDF version of the reference manual is now included in the repository and releases at doc/wolfSentry_refman.pdf.

The Makefile now has targets doc-html, doc-pdf, and related targets for generating and cleaning the documentation artifacts.

Bug Fixes and Cleanups

lwip/LWIP_PACKET_FILTER_API.patch has fixes for -Wconversion and -Wshadow warnings.

src/json/centijson_sax.c: Fix bug in json_dump_double() such that floating point numbers were rendered with an extra decimal place.

In wolfsentry_config_json_init_ex(), error if json_config.max_key_len is greater than WOLFSENTRY_MAX_LABEL_BYTES (required for memory safety).

In wolfsentry_config_json_init_ex(), call wolfsentry_defaultconfig_get() to initialize jps->default_config with settings previously passed to wolfsentry_init().

src/kv.c: Fixed _KV_STRING and _KV_BYTES cases in wolfsentry_kv_value_eq_1() (inadvertently inverted memcmp()), and fixed _KV_NONE case to return true.

Fixed wolfsentry_kv_render_value() for _KV_JSON case to pass JSON_DOM_DUMP_PREFERDICTORDER to json_dom_dump().

src/lwip/packet_filter_glue.c: In wolfsentry_install_lwip_filter_callbacks(), if error encountered, disable all callbacks to assure known state on return.

In wolfsentry_init_ex(), correctly convert user-supplied route_idle_time_for_purge from seconds to wolfsentry_time_t.

Pass route_table->default_event to wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_0() if caller-supplied trigger event is null (changed in wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_1(), wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_by_id_1(), and wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_by_route_1()).


In wolfsentry_route_delete_0(), properly set WOLFSENTRY_ROUTE_FLAG_PENDING_DELETE.

In wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_0() and wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_1(), properly set WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_ERROR at end if ret < 0.

In wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_1(), properly set WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_FALLTHROUGH when route_table->default_policy is used.

Added missing action_results reset to wolfsentry_route_delete_for_filter().

In wolfsentry_lock_init(), properly forbid all inapplicable flags.

Fixed wolfsentry_eventconfig_update_1() to copy over all relevant elements.

Fixed and updated expression for WOLFSENTRY_USER_DEFINED_TYPES.

Self-Test Enhancements

Makefile.analyzers: Added targets test_lwip, minimal-threaded-build-test, pahole-test, route-holes-test, benchmark-test, benchmark-singlethreaded-test, and doc-check.

Implemented tripwires in benchmark-test and benchmark-singlethreaded-test for unexpectedly high cycles/call.

Enlarged coverage of target notification-demo-build-test to run the applications and check for expected and unexpected output.


  • Add test_lwip() with associated helper functions;
  • Add WOLFSENTRY_UNITTEST_BENCHMARKS sections in test_static_routes() and test_json();
  • Add to test_init() tests of wolfsentry_errcode_source_string() and wolfsentry_errcode_error_string();
  • Add to test_static_routes() tests of wolfsentry_route_default_policy_set() and wolfsentry_get_object_type(), wolfsentry_object_checkout(), and wolfsentry_object_release().

wolfSentry Release 1.4.1 (July 20, 2023)

Release 1.4.1 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes including:

Bug Fixes and Cleanups

Add inline implementations of WOLFSENTRY_ERROR_DECODE_{ERROR_CODE,SOURCE_ID,LINE_NUMBER}() for portable protection from multiple argument evaluation, and refactor WOLFSENTRY_ERROR_ENCODE() and WOLFSENTRY_SUCCESS_ENCODE() to avoid unnecessary dependence on non-portable (gnu-specific) construct.

Use a local stack variable in WOLFSENTRY_ERROR_ENCODE_1() to assure a single evaluation of the argument.

Add -Wno-inline to CALL_TRACE CFLAGS.

Correct the release date of 1.4.0 in ChangeLog.

Self-Test Enhancements

Add CALL_TRACE-test to Makefile.analyzers, and include it in the check-extra dep list.

wolfSentry Release 1.4.0 (July 19, 2023)

Release 1.4.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

New Features

Routes can now be configured to match traffic with designated action_results bit constraints, and can be configured to update action_results bits, by inserting the route with a parent event that has the desired configuration. Parent events can now also be configured to add or clear route flags for all routes inserted with that parent event.

Added new aux_event mechanism to facilitate distinct configurations for a static generator route and the narrower ephemeral routes dynamically created when it is matched.

Added a new built-in action, "%track-peer-v1", that can be used in combination with the above new facilities to dynamically spawn ephemeral routes, allowing for automatic pinhole routes, automatic adversary tracking, and easy implementation of dynamic blocks and/or notifications for port scanning adversaries.

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

Added new APIs wolfsentry_event_set_aux_event() and wolfsentry_event_get_aux_event().

Added flag filters and controls to struct wolfsentry_eventconfig, and added corresponding clauses to JSON "config" sections:

  • .action_res_filter_bits_set, "action-res-filter-bits-set"
  • .action_res_filter_bits_unset, "action-res-filter-bits-unset"
  • .action_res_bits_to_add, "action-res-bits-to-add"
  • .action_res_bits_to_clear, "action-res-bits-to-clear"
  • .route_flags_to_add_on_insert, "route-flags-to-add-on-insert"
  • .route_flags_to_clear_on_insert, "route-flags-to-clear-on-insert"

Added new WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_* (action result) flags to support filtering matches by generic traffic type:


These flags are now passed by the lwIP integration code in src/lwip/packet_filter_glue.c. Detailed descriptions of these and other _ACTION_RES_ bits are in wolfsentry/wolfsentry.h.

Added wolfsentry_addr_family_max_addr_bits(), to allow programmatic determination of whether a given address is a prefix or fully specified.

Added a family of functions to let routes be inserted directly from a prepared struct wolfsentry_route_exports, and related helper functions to prepare it:

  • wolfsentry_route_insert_by_exports_into_table()
  • wolfsentry_route_insert_by_exports()
  • wolfsentry_route_insert_by_exports_into_table_and_check_out()
  • wolfsentry_route_insert_by_exports_and_check_out()
  • wolfsentry_route_reset_metadata_exports()

Added convenience accessor/validator functions for routes:

  • wolfsentry_route_get_addrs()
  • wolfsentry_route_check_flags_sensical()

Refactored the event action list implementation so that the various action lists (WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_TYPE_POST, _INSERT, _MATCH, _UPDATE, _DELETE, and _DECISION) are represented directly in the struct wolfsentry_event, rather than through a "subevent". The related APIs (wolfsentry_event_action_prepend(), wolfsentry_event_action_append(), wolfsentry_event_action_insert_after(), wolfsentry_event_action_delete(), wolfsentry_event_action_list_start()) each gain an additional argument, which_action_list. The old JSON grammar is still supported via internal emulation (still tested by test-config.json). The JSON configuration for the new facility is "post-actions", "insert-actions", "match-actions", "update-actions", "delete-actions", and "decision-actions", each optional, and each expecting an array of zero or more actions.

Added a restriction that user-defined action and event labels can't start with "%", and correspondingly, all built-in actions and events have labels that start with "%". This can be overridden by predefining WOLFSENTRY_BUILTIN_LABEL_PREFIX in user settings.

Removed unused flag WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_CONTINUE, as it was semantically redundant relative to WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_STOP.

Removed flags WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_INSERT and WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_DELETE, as the former is superseded by the new builtin action facility, and the latter will be implemented later with another builtin action.

Added flag WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_INSERTED, to indicate when a side-effect route insertion was performed. This flag is now always set by the route insert routines when they succeed. Action plugins must copy this flag as shown in the new wolfsentry_builtin_action_track_peer() to assure proper internal accounting.

Reduced number of available user-defined _ACTION_RESULT_ bits from 16 to 8, to accommodate new generic traffic bits (see above).

In struct wolfsentry_route_metadata_exports, changed .connection_count, .derogatory_count, and .commendable_count, from wolfsentry_hitcount_t to uint16_t, to match internal representations. Similarly, in struct wolfsentry_route_exports, changed .parent_event_label_len from size_t to int to match label_len arg type.

Added wolfsentry_table_ent_get_by_id() to the public API.

Renamed public API wolfsentry_action_res_decode() as wolfsentry_action_res_assoc_by_flag() for clarity and consistency.

Bug Fixes and Cleanups

Consistently set the WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_FALLTHROUGH flag in action_results when dispatch classification (_ACCEPT/_REJECT) was by fallthrough policy.

Refactored internal code to avoid function pointer casts, previously used to allow implementations with struct pointers where a handler pointer has a type that expects void *. The refactored code has shim implementations with fully conformant signatures, that cast the arguments to pass them to the actual implementations. This works around over-eager analysis by the clang UB sanitizer.

Fix missing default cases in non-enum switch() constructs.

Self-Test Enhancements

Added new clauses to test-config*.json for wolfsentry_builtin_action_track_peer() (events "ephemeral-pinhole-parent", "pinhole-generator-parent", "ephemeral-port-scanner-parent", "port-scanner-generator-parent", and related routes), and added full dynamic workout for them to test_json().

Add unit test coverage:

  • wolfsentry_event_set_aux_event()
  • wolfsentry_event_get_aux_event()
  • wolfsentry_event_get_label()
  • wolfsentry_addr_family_max_addr_bits()

wolfSentry Release 1.3.1 (July 5, 2023)

Release 1.3.1 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

Bug Fixes and Cleanups

Updated lwIP patches to fix packet_filter_event_t checking on short-enum targets.

Fixed copying of route table header fields (table config) when cloning or rebuilding (preserve default policy etc when loading with WOLFSENTRY_CONFIG_LOAD_FLAG_LOAD_THEN_COMMIT | WOLFSENTRY_CONFIG_LOAD_FLAG_NO_FLUSH or WOLFSENTRY_CONFIG_LOAD_FLAG_FLUSH_ONLY_ROUTES).

Implemented proper locking in wolfsentry_route_get_reference(), and corresponding lock assertion in wolfsentry_table_cursor_init().

Fixed logic in address matching to properly match zero-length addresses when peforming subnet matching, even if the corresponding _ADDR_WILDCARD flag bit is clear.

Self-Test Enhancements

Makefile.analyzers: add -fshort-enums variants to sanitize-all and sanitize-all-gcc recipes, and add short-enums-test recipe.

Added wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch() cases to test_json().

Added unit test coverage to confirm correct copying of route table header fields when cloning.

wolfSentry Release 1.3 (May 19, 2023)

Release 1.3 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

New Features

Route dump to JSON

The route (rule) table can now be dumped in conformant JSON format to a byte stream, using wolfSentry intrinsics (no stdio dependencies), and subsequently reloaded.

  • wolfsentry_route_table_dump_json_start(), _next(), _end()

  • Byte streams using new WOLFSENTRY_BYTE_STREAM_*() macros, with stack and heap options.

  • Retryable rendering on _BUFFER_TOO_SMALL error, by flushing the byte stream, calling WOLFSENTRY_BYTE_STREAM_RESET(), and retrying the wolfsentry_route_table_dump_json_*() call.

  • New flag WOLFSENTRY_CONFIG_LOAD_FLAG_FLUSH_ONLY_ROUTES, to allow reloads that leave all event and key-value configuration intact, and only replace the routes.

Bug Fixes and Cleanups

  • Non-threadsafe get{proto,serv}by{name.number}() calls (already configuration-gated) have been replaced by their _r() counterparts, and gated on compatible glibc.

  • Fixed an underread bug in convert_hex_byte() that affected parsing of MAC addresses.

Self-Test Enhancements

  • Added __wolfsentry_wur to WOLFSENTRY_LOCAL.

  • Added new clauses in test_json() to verify bitwise idempotency of route table export-ingest cycles to/from JSON.

  • Added new target notification-demo-build-test.

wolfSentry Release 1.2.2 (May 4, 2023)

Release 1.2.2 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

Added C89 pedantic compatibility in core codebase, including unit tests, via -DWOLFSENTRY_C89.

Added error code IO_FAILED, returned for various stdio failures that previously returned SYS_OP_FAILED or went undetected.

Refined wolfsentry_lock_unlock() so that final unlock while holding a promotion reservation is not an error and implicitly drops the reservation.

Bug Fixes and Cleanups

Cleanups guided by clang-tidy and cppcheck: fixed a misused retval from posix_memalign(), fixed overwritten retvals in wolfsentry_lock_unlock(), and effected myriad cleanups to improve clarity and portability.

Fixed missing assignment of new->prev in wolfsentry_table_clone().

Fixed route metadata coherency in transactional configuration updates: add wolfsentry_route_copy_metadata(), and call it from wolfsentry_context_exchange().

When wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch*() results in a default policy fallback, return USED_FALLBACK success code.

Properly release lock promotion reservation in wolfsentry_config_json_init_ex() if obtained.

Fixed several accounting bugs in the lock kernel related to promotion reservations.

Copy fallthrough_route pointer in wolfsentry_route_table_clone_header(), rather than improperly trying to clone the fallthrough route.

Self-Test Enhancements

Added new global compiler warnings to Makefile:

  • -Wmissing-prototypes
  • -Wdeclaration-after-statement
  • -Wnested-externs
  • -Wlogical-not-parentheses
  • -Wpacked-not-aligned

Added new targets to Makefile.analyzers:

  • clang-tidy-build-test
  • cppcheck-analyze
  • c89-test
  • m32-c89-test
  • freertos-arm32-c89-build-test
  • freertos-arm32-singlethreaded-build-test
  • sanitize-aarch64-be-test
  • sanitize-all-no-inline-gcc
  • no-inline-test
  • no-alloca-test
  • release-check

Added WOLFSENTRY_CONFIG_LOAD_FLAG_NO_FLUSH coverage and an array of should-fail JSON objects to unittests.c:test_json().

Added more arg-not-null and thread-inited checks to thread/lock routines in src/wolfsentry_util.c, and corresponding unit test coverage for all null/uninited arg permutations.

Added assert in release recipe to assure that wolfsentry.h has a version that matches the tagged version.

wolfSentry Release 1.2.1 (Apr 5, 2023)

Release 1.2.1 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

Added API wolfsentry_route_render_flags(), now used in wolfsentry_route_render() and wolfsentry_route_exports_render().

Refactored wolfsentry_route_lookup_0() to consistently return the highest-priority matching route, breaking ties using compare_match_exactness().

Added DEBUG_ROUTE_LOOKUP code paths in wolfsentry_route_lookup_0(), for verbose troubleshooting of configurations and internal logic.

Added to convert_hex_byte() (and therefore to MAC address parsing) tolerance for single-hex-digit byte values, as in a:b:c:1:2:3.

Bug Fixes

Removed several inappropriate wildcard flags on queries in lwIP event handlers, particularly _SA_LOCAL_PORT_WILDCARD for FILT_PORT_UNREACHABLE and *_INTERFACE_WILDCARD for FILT_BINDING/FILT_LISTENING/FILT_STOP_LISTENING and when event->netif is null.

Added nullness checks for laddr and raddr in lwIP event handlers, and if null, set all-zeros address.

Refactored wildcard handling in wolfsentry_route_init(), wolfsentry_route_new(), and wolfsentry_route_insert_1(), to zero out wildcard fields at insert time, rather than at init time, so that routes used as targets contain accurate information for compare_match_exactness(), regardless of wildcard bits.

Fixed WOLFSENTRY_VERSION_* values, which were inadvertently swapped in release 1.2.0.

wolfSentry Release 1.2.0 (Mar 24, 2023)

Production Release 1.2.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

New Features

lwIP full firewall integration

When wolfSentry is built with make options LWIP=1 LWIP_TOP=<path-to-lwIP-source>, the library is built with new APIs wolfsentry_install_lwip_filter_ethernet_callback(), wolfsentry_install_lwip_filter_ip_callbacks(), wolfsentry_install_lwip_filter_icmp_callbacks(), wolfsentry_install_lwip_filter_tcp_callback(), wolfsentry_install_lwip_filter_udp_callback(), and the all-on-one wolfsentry_install_lwip_filter_callbacks(). For each layer/protocol, a simple bitmask, of type packet_filter_event_mask_t, allows events to be selectively filtered, with other traffic passed with negligible overhead. For example, TCP connection requests can be fully evaluated by wolfSentry, while traffic within established TCP connections can pass freely.

wolfSentry LWIP=1 relies on a patchset to lwIP, gated on the macro LWIP_PACKET_FILTER_API, that adds generic filter callback APIs to each layer and protocol. See lwip/ for details.

In addition to LWIP_DEBUG instrumentation, the new integration supports WOLFSENTRY_DEBUG_PACKET_FILTER, which renders the key attributes and outcome for all callout events.

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

Routes and default actions can now be annotated to return WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_PORT_RESET in their action_results. This is used in the new lwIP integration to control whether TCP reset and ICMP port-unreachable packets are sent (versus dropping the rejected packet unacknowledged).

A new ports/ tree is added, and the former FreeRTOS/ tree is moved to ports/FreeRTOS-lwIP.



Bug Fixes

Wildcard matching in the routes/rules table now works correctly even for non-contiguous wildcard matching.

struct wolfsentry_sockaddr now aligns its addr member to a 4 byte boundary, for safe casting to (int *), using a new attr_align_to() macro.

The route lookup algorithm has been improved for correct results with non-contiguous wildcards, to correctly break ties using the new compare_match_exactness(), and to correctly give priority to routes with a matching event.

When matching target routes (e.g. with wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch()), ignore failure in wolfsentry_event_get_reference() if WOLFSENTRY_ROUTE_FLAG_PARENT_EVENT_WILDCARD is set in the flags.

wolfSentry Release 1.1.0 (Feb 23, 2023)

Production Release 1.1.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

New Features

Internal settings, types, alignments, constants, a complete set of internal shims, and Makefile clauses, for portability to native FreeRTOS with threads on 32 bit gcc targets.

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

rwlock control contexts can now be allocated inside interrupt handlers, and WOLFSENTRY_LOCK_FLAG_RETAIN_SEMAPHORE can be supplied to the new wolfsentry_context_lock_mutex_timed_ex(), allowing safe trylock followed by automatic lock recursion.

API routines are now marked warn-unused-return by default, subject to user-defined override. This new default warns on untrapped errors, to aid preventing undefined behavior.

API arguments previously accepting "long" ints for counts of seconds now expect time_t, for portability to ARM32 and FreeRTOS.

New unit test: test_json_corpus, for highly configurable bulk trial runs of the JSON processing subsystem.

New tests in Makefile.analyzers: no-getprotoby-test, freertos-arm32-build-test.

A new guard macro, WOLFSENTRY_NO_GETPROTOBY, allows narrow elimination of dependencies on getprotobyname() and getprotobynumber().

Recursive JSON DOM tree processing logic was refactored to greatly reduce stack burden.

Substantial enlargement of code coverage by unit tests, guided by gcov.

New convenience macros for typical threaded state tracking wrappers: WOLFSENTRY_THREAD_HEADER_CHECKED() and WOLFSENTRY_THREAD_TAILER_CHECKED().

Bug Fixes

Cloning of user-defined deep JSON objects is now implemented, as needed for configuration load dry runs and load-then-commit semantics.

JSON processing of UTF-8 surrogate pairs is now fixed.

Fixed retval testing in wolfsentry_action_list_{append,prepend,insert}_1(), and added missing point_action lookup in wolfsentry_action_list_insert_after().

Fixed potential use-after-free defect in wolfsentry_event_delete().

wolfSentry Release 1.0.0 (Jan 18, 2023)

Production Release 1.0.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and improvements including:

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

  • Makefile improvements around wolfsentry_options.h, and a new com-bundle rule.

  • A new macro WOLFSENTRY_USE_NONPOSIX_THREADS, separated from WOLFSENTRY_USE_NONPOSIX_SEMAPHORES, supporting mixed-model targets, e.g. Mac OS X.

Bug Fixes

  • In examples/notification-demo/log_server/log_server.c, in main(), properly reset transaction_successful at top of the accept loop.

wolfSentry Release 0.8.0 (Jan 6, 2023)

Preview Release 0.8.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Features

Multithreaded application support

  • Automatic locking on API entry, using a high performance, highly portable semaphore-based readwrite lock facility, with error checking and opportunistic lock sharing.

  • Thread-specific deadlines set by the caller, limiting waits for lock acquisition as needed for realtime applications.

  • A mechanism for per-thread private data, accessible to user plugins.

  • No dependencies on platform-supplied thread-local storage.

Updated Examples


  • Add interrupt handling for clean error-checked shutdown in log_server.

  • Add /kill-server admin command to log_server.

  • Reduce penalty-box-duration in notify-config.{json,h} to 10s for demo convenience.

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

  • A new first argument to wolfsentry_init_ex() and wolfsentry_init(), caller_build_settings, for runtime error-checking of application/library compatibility. This mechanism will also allow future library changes to be conditionalized on caller version and/or configuration expectations as needed, often avoiding the need for application recompilation.

  • src/util.c was renamed to src/wolfsentry_util.c.

  • wolfsentry/wolfsentry_settings.h was added, containing setup code previously in wolfsentry/wolfsentry.h.

  • Error IDs in enum wolfsentry_error_id are all now negative, and a new WOLFSENTRY_SUCCESS_ID_* namespace was added, with positive values and supporting macros.

New public utility APIs, macros, types, etc.

  • WOLFSENTRY_VERSION_* macros, for version testing

  • wolfsentry_init_thread_context(), wolfsentry_alloc_thread_context(), wolfsentry_get_thread_id(), wolfsentry_get_thread_user_context(), wolfsentry_get_thread_deadline(), wolfsentry_get_thread_flags(), wolfsentry_destroy_thread_context(), wolfsentry_free_thread_context(), wolfsentry_set_deadline_rel_usecs(), wolfsentry_set_deadline_abs(), wolfsentry_clear_deadline(), wolfsentry_set_thread_readonly(), wolfsentry_set_thread_readwrite()

  • WOLFSENTRY_DEADLINE_NEVER and WOLFSENTRY_DEADLINE_NOW, used internally and for testing values returned by wolfsentry_get_thread_deadline()

  • Many new values in the WOLFSENTRY_LOCK_FLAG_* set.

  • wolfsentry_lock_*() APIs now firmed, and new wolfsentry_context_lock_shared_with_reservation_abstimed().

  • WOLFSENTRY_CONTEXT_* helper macros.



Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes, and additional hardening and cleanup, in the readwrite lock kernel.

  • Various fixes in Makefile, for proper handling and installation of wolfsentry_options.h.

wolfSentry Release 0.7.0 (Nov 7, 2022)

Preview Release 0.7.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Features

Support for freeform user-defined JSON objects in the "user-values" (key-value pair) section of the config package.

  • Uses syntax "key" : { "json" : x } where x is any valid standalone JSON expression.

  • Key length limited to WOLFSENTRY_MAX_LABEL_BYTES by default.

  • String length limited to WOLFSENTRY_KV_MAX_VALUE_BYTES by default.

  • JSON tree depth limited to WOLFSENTRY_MAX_JSON_NESTING by default.

  • All default limits subject to caller runtime override using the json_config arg to the new APIs wolfsentry_config_json_init_ex() and wolfsentry_config_json_oneshot_ex(), accepting a JSON_CONFIG * (accepted as const).

New APIs for JSON KVs

  • wolfsentry_user_value_store_json()
  • wolfsentry_user_value_get_json()
  • wolfsentry_config_json_init_ex()
  • wolfsentry_config_json_oneshot_ex()

New config load flags controlling JSON KV parsing


Support for setting a user KV as read-only.

  • Read-only KVs can't be deleted or overwritten without first setting them read-write.

  • Mechanism can be used to protect user-configured data from dynamic changes by JSON configuration package -- JSON cannot change or override the read-only bit.

KV mutability APIs:

  • wolfsentry_user_value_set_mutability()
  • wolfsentry_user_value_get_mutability()

Updated Examples


  • Update and clean up udp_to_dbus, and add --kv-string and --kv-int command line args for runtime ad hoc config overrides.

  • Rename config node controlling the udp_to_dbus listen address from "notification-dest-addr" to "notification-listen-addr".

Added examples/notification-demo/log_server

  • Toy embedded web server demonstrating HTTPS with dynamic insertion of limited-lifespan wolfSentry rules blocking (penalty boxing) abusive peers.

  • Demonstrates mutual authentication using TLS, and role-based authorizations pivoting on client certificate issuer (certificate authority).

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

  • JSON strings (natively UTF-8) are now consistently passed in and out with unsigned char pointers.

  • wolfsentry_kv_render_value() now has a struct wolfsentry_context * as its first argument (necessitated by addition of freeform JSON rendering).

  • Added new API routine wolfsentry_centijson_errcode_translate(), allowing conversion of all CentiJSON return codes (e.g. from json_dom_parse(), json_value_path(), and json_value_build_path()) from native CentiJSON to roughly-corresponding native wolfSentry codes.

Cleanup of JSON DOM implementation

  • Added json_ prefix to all JSON functions and types.

  • CentiJSON now uses wolfSentry configured allocator for all heap operations.

New utility APIs

  • wolfsentry_get_allocator()
  • wolfsentry_get_timecbs()

Bug Fixes

  • Fix error-path memory leak in JSON KV handling.

  • Fix "echo: write error: Broken pipe" condition in recipe for rule "force"

  • Various minor portability fixes.

  • Enlarged scope for build-time pedantic warnings -- now includes all of CentiJSON.

wolfSentry Release 0.6.0 (Sep 30, 2022)

Preview Release 0.6.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Features

Core support for automatic penalty boxing, with configurable threshold when derogatory count reaches threshold

New APIs for manipulating route derogatory/commendable counts from application/plugin code:

  • wolfsentry_route_increment_derogatory_count()
  • wolfsentry_route_increment_commendable_count()
  • wolfsentry_route_reset_derogatory_count()
  • wolfsentry_route_reset_commendable_count()

New JSON config nodes:

  • derog-thresh-for-penalty-boxing
  • derog-thresh-ignore-commendable
  • commendable-clears-derogatory

Automatic purging of expired routes:

  • constant time garbage collection
  • wolfsentry_route_table_max_purgeable_routes_get()
  • wolfsentry_route_table_max_purgeable_routes_set()
  • wolfsentry_route_stale_purge_one()

Noteworthy Changes and Additions

  • New API wolfsentry_route_insert_and_check_out(), allowing efficient update of route state after insert; also related new API wolfsentry_object_checkout().

  • New APIs wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_by_route() and wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_by_route_with_inited_result(), analogous to the _by_id() variants, but accepting a struct wolfsentry_route pointer directly.

  • wolfsentry_route_init() and wolfsentry_route_new() now allow (and ignore) nonzero supplied values in wildcarded wolfsentry_sockaddr members.

  • New debugging aid, make CALL_TRACE=1, gives full call stack trace with codepoints and error codes, to aid debugging of library, plugins, and configurations.

Bug Fixes

  • src/internal.c: fix wrong constant of iteration in wolfsentry_table_ent_get_by_id().

wolfSentry Release 0.5.0 (Aug 1, 2022)

Preview Release 0.5.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Example


Added examples/notification-demo, demonstrating plugin actions, JSON event representation, and pop-up messages using the D-Bus notification facility and a middleware translation daemon.

Noteworthy Changes

  • Added new API wolfsentry_init_ex() with wolfsentry_init_flags_t argument.

  • Added runtime error-checking on lock facility.

Bug Fixes

Fix missing assignment in wolfsentry_list_ent_insert_after().

wolfSentry Release 0.4.0 (May 27, 2022)

Preview Release 0.4.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Features

  • User-defined key-value pairs in JSON configuration: allows user plugins to access custom config parameters in the wolfSentry config using the new wolfsentry_user_value_*() family of API functions. Binary configuration data can be supplied in the configuration using base64 encoding, and are decoded at parse time and directly available to user plugins in the original raw binary form. The key-value facility also supports a custom validator callback to enforce constraints on user-defined config params in the JSON.

  • User-defined address families: allows user plugins for custom address families and formats, using new wolfsentry_addr_family_*() API routines. This allows idiomatic formats for non-Internet addresses in the JSON config, useful for various buses and device namespaces.

  • Formalization of the concepts of default events and fallthrough rules in the route tables.

  • A new subevent action list facility to support logging and notifications around the final decisions of the rule engine, alongside the existing subevents for rule insertions, matches, and deletions.

  • The main plugin interface (wolfsentry_action_callback_t) now passes two separate routes, a "trigger_route" with full attributes of the instant traffic, and a "rule_route" that matches that traffic. In dynamic rule scenarios, plugins can manipulate the passed rule_route and set the WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_INSERT bit in the to define a new rule that will match the traffic thereafter. All actions in the chain retain readonly access to the unmodified trigger route for informational purposes.

  • The JSON DOM facility from CentiJSON is now included in the library by default (disabled by make NO_JSON_DOM=1), layered on the SAX facility used directly by the wolfSentry core to process the JSON config package. The DOM facility can be used as a helper in user plugins and applications, for convenient JSON parsing, random access, and production.

Noteworthy Changes

  • In the JSON config, non-event-specific members of top level node "config-update" node have been moved to the new top level node "default-policies", which must appear after "event-insert". "default-policies" members are "default-policy-static", "default-policy-dynamic", "default-event-static", and "default-event-dynamic".

Bug Fixes

  • In wolfsentry_config_json_init(), properly copy the load_flags from the caller into the _json_process_state.

  • The JSON SAX API routines (wolfsentry/centijson_sax.h) are now properly exported.

wolfSentry Release 0.3.0 (Dec 30, 2021)

Preview Release 0.3.0 of the wolfSentry embedded firewall/IDPS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Ports and Examples


This demo uses Linux-hosted LWIP in Docker containers to show packet-level and connection-level filtering using wolfSentry. Filtering can be by MAC, IPv4, or IPv6 address. Demos include pre-accept TCP filtering, and filtering of ICMP packets.

See examples/Linux-LWIP/ for the installation and usage guide, and examples/Linux-LWIP/echo-config.json for the associated wolfSentry configuration.

FreeRTOS with LWIP on STM32

This demo is similar to Linux-LWIP, but targets the STM32 ARM core and the STM32CubeMX or STM32CubeIDE toolchain, with a FreeRTOS+LWIP runtime. It shows wolfSentry functionality in a fully embedded (bare metal) application.

See examples/STM32/ for the installation and usage guide, and examples/STM32/Src/sentry.c for the compiled-in wolfSentry configuration.

New Features

  • Autogeneration and inclusion of wolfsentry_options.h, synchronizing applications with wolfSentry library options as built.

  • New APIs wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_[by_id]with_inited_result(), for easy caller designation of known traffic attributes, e.g. WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_CONNECT or WOLFSENTRY_ACTION_RES_DISCONNECT.

  • Efficient support for aligned heap allocations on targets that don't have a native aligned allocation API: wolfsentry_free_aligned_cb_t, wolfsentry_allocator.free_aligned, wolfsentry_builtin_free_aligned(), wolfsentry_free_aligned(), and WOLFSENTRY_FREE_ALIGNED().

  • Semaphore wrappers for FreeRTOS, for use by the wolfsentry_lock_*() shareable-upgradeable lock facility.

Bug Fixes

  • wolfsentry_route_event_dispatch_1(): don't impose config.penaltybox_duration on routes with route->meta.last_penaltybox_time == 0.

  • trivial fixes for backward compat with gcc-5.4.0, re -Wconversion and -Winline.

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