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Building wolfSentry

wolfSentry was written with portability in mind and should generally be easy to build on most systems. If you have difficulty building wolfSentry, please don’t hesitate to seek support through our support forums ( or contact us directly at

Getting wolfSentry Source Code

The most recent version of wolfSentry can be downloaded from the wolfSSL website as a ZIP file:

After downloading the ZIP file, unzip the file using the unzip command. To use native line endings, enable the -a modifier when using unzip. From the unzip man page, the -a modifier functionality is described:

[...] The -a option causes files identified by zip as text files (those with the ‘t’ label in zipinfo listings, rather than ‘b’) to be automatically extracted as such, converting line endings, end- of-file characters and the character set itself as necessary. [...]


In its default build, wolfSentry depends on a POSIX runtime, specifically the heap allocator, clock_gettime, stdio, semaphore, and string APIs. However, these dependencies can be avoided with various build-time options. In paticular, the recipe


generates a libwolfsentry.a that depends on only a handful of basic string functions. Allocator and time callbacks must then be set in a struct wolfsentry_host_platform_interface supplied to wolfsentry_init().

Building and testing

For platforms that support GNU Make then running make will build wolfSentry as normal. For other platforms you will need to compile using the C files in the src directory and its json subdirectory.

To build and run the test suite you can use make -j test or make V=1 -j test verbosely.

Build Options

There are several flags that can be added to make and flags that be used as build-time definitions in either a header file or CFLAGS. To use the make flags you can use:


These will be stored at build time in the wolfsentry_options.h file where wolfSentry is built. If you are not using make then you can create this file with the following template:



The following table lists the possible options:

make option Description
V Verbose make output
e.g. make V=1 -j test
USER_MAKE_CONF A user-defined Makefile to include
e.g. make -j USER_MAKE_CONF=Makefile.settings
SRC_TOP The source code top level directory (default pwd -P)
BUILD_TOP Build with artifacts in an alternate location (outside or in a subdirectory of the source tree)
e.g. make BUILD_TOP=./build -j test
DEBUG Compiler debugging flag to use (default -ggdb)
OPTIM The optimizer flag to use (default -O3)
C_WARNFLAGS The warning flags to use (default See [^1])
NO_STDIO The platform does not have STDIO
NO_JSON Do not compile JSON configuration support
USER_SETTINGS_FILE An additional header file to include
SINGLETHEADED Do not use thread safe semantics for single threaded uses
e.g. make -j SINGLETHREADED=1 test
STATIC Build a static binary
STRIPPED Strip binaries of debugging symbols
BUILD_DYNAMIC Build dynamic library
VERY_QUIET Enable a very quiet build
TAR Path to GNU tar binary for make dist, should be set to gtar for macOS
VERSION The version number to compile in (default See [^2])

[^1]: -Wall -Wextra -Werror -Wformat=2 -Winit-self -Wmissing-include-dirs -Wunknown-pragmas -Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Wconversion -Wstrict-prototypes -Wold-style-definition -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-format-attribute -Wpointer-arith -Woverlength-strings -Wredundant-decls -Winline -Winvalid-pch -Wdouble-promotion -Wvla -Wno-missing-field-initializers -Wno-bad-function-cast -Wno-type-limits and if GCC is used the additional flags of -Wjump-misses-init -Wlogical-op are used.

[^2]: Defined as VERSION := $(shell git rev-parse --short=8 HEAD 2>/dev/null || echo xxxxxxxx)$(shell git diff --quiet 2>/dev/null || [ $$? -ne 1 ] || echo "-dirty")

Preprocesssor Macro Description
WOLFSENTRY_NO_STDIO The platform does not have STDIO
WOLFSENTRY_NO_JSON Do not compile JSON configuration support
WOLFSENTRY_USER_SETTINGS_FILE An additional header file to include
WOLFSENTRY_SINGLETHREADED Do not use thread safe semantics for single threaded uses
CENTIJSON_USE_LOCALE JSON parser should use locale-dependent characters
WOLFSENTRY_NO_PROTOCOL_NAMES Disable support for protocol names in configuration files
DEBUG_JSON Add debugging printf() to the JSON parser
WOLFSENTRY_NO_ERROR_STRINGS Disable error code to error string functions
WOLFSENTRY_NO_MALLOC_BUILTINS Disable builtin malloc functions
WOLFSENTRY_NO_CLOCK_BUILTIN Do not use bulitin time functions
WOLFSENTRY_LWIP wolfSentry is being built against LWIP instead of BSD sockets
FREERTOS Build with FreeRTOS support

Build Option examples

Install from an alternate build location to a non-standard destination:

$make BUILD_TOP=./build INSTALL_DIR=/usr INSTALL_LIBDIR=/usr/lib64 install

Build libwolfsentry.a and test it under various analyzers (memory and thread testing under full battery of valgrind and sanitizer tests):

$make -j check

Build and test libwolfsentry.a without support for multithreading:

$make -j SINGLETHREADED=1 test

Other available make flags are STATIC=1, STRIPPED=1, NO_JSON=1, and NO_JSON_DOM=1, and the defaults values for DEBUG, OPTIM, and C_WARNFLAGS can also be usefully overridden.

Build with a user-supplied makefile preamble to override defaults:

$make -j USER_MAKE_CONF=Makefile.settings

(Makefile.settings can contain simple settings like OPTIM := -Os, or elaborate makefile code including additional rules and dependency mechanisms.)

Build the smallest simplest possible library:


Build and test with user settings:

$make -j USER_SETTINGS_FILE=user_settings.h test