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22 int wc_InitBlake2b(Blake2b* b2b, word32 digestSz);
57 int wc_Blake2bUpdate(Blake2b* b2b, const byte* data, word32 sz);
95 int wc_Blake2bFinal(Blake2b* b2b, byte* final, word32 requestSz);
int wc_Blake2bFinal(Blake2b *b2b, byte *final, word32 requestSz)
This function computes the Blake2b hash of the previously supplied input data. The output hash will b...
int wc_InitBlake2b(Blake2b *b2b, word32 digestSz)
This function initializes a Blake2b structure for use with the Blake2 hash function.
int wc_Blake2bUpdate(Blake2b *b2b, const byte *data, word32 sz)
This function updates the Blake2b hash with the given input data. This function should be called afte...