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Welcome to the wolfSSL Manual. This manual can be viewed online in HTML form, or can be downloaded in PDF form from the above link. Please use the following links to navigate to individual sections of the manual.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Building wolfSSL

Chapter 3: Getting Started
Chapter 4: Features
Chapter 5: Portability
Chapter 6: Callbacks
Chapter 7: Keys and Certificates
Chapter 8: Debugging
Chapter 9: Library Design
Chapter 10: wolfCrypt Usage Reference         
Chapter 11: SSL Tutorial
Chapter 12: Best Practices for Embedded Devices
Chapter 13: OpenSSL Compatibility
Chapter 14: Licensing
Chapter 15: Support and Consulting
Chapter 16: wolfSSL Updates
Chapter 17:
wolfSSL API Reference
Chapter 18: wolfCrypt API Reference
Appendix A: SSL/TLS Overview
Appendix B: RFCs, Specifications, and Reference
Appendix C: Error Codes