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27 int wc_Poly1305SetKey(Poly1305* poly1305, const byte* key,
28  word32 kySz);
61 int wc_Poly1305Update(Poly1305* poly1305, const byte* m, word32 bytes);
96 int wc_Poly1305Final(Poly1305* poly1305, byte* tag);
138 int wc_Poly1305_MAC(Poly1305* ctx, byte* additional, word32 addSz,
139  byte* input, word32 sz, byte* tag, word32 tagSz);
int wc_Poly1305Update(Poly1305 *poly1305, const byte *m, word32 bytes)
This function updates the message to hash with the Poly1305 structure.
int wc_Poly1305Final(Poly1305 *poly1305, byte *tag)
This function calculates the hash of the input messages and stores the result in mac....
int wc_Poly1305_MAC(Poly1305 *ctx, byte *additional, word32 addSz, byte *input, word32 sz, byte *tag, word32 tagSz)
Takes in an initialized Poly1305 struct that has a key loaded and creates a MAC (tag) using recent TL...
int wc_Poly1305SetKey(Poly1305 *poly1305, const byte *key, word32 kySz)
This function sets the key for a Poly1305 context structure, initializing it for hashing....