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ripemd.h File Reference

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int wc_InitRipeMd (RipeMd *)
 This function initializes a ripemd structure by initializing ripemd’s digest, buffer, loLen and hiLen. More...
int wc_RipeMdUpdate (RipeMd *ripemd, const byte *data, word32 len)
 This function generates the RipeMd digest of the data input and stores the result in the ripemd->digest buffer. After running wc_RipeMdUpdate, one should compare the generated ripemd->digest to a known authentication tag to verify the authenticity of a message. More...
int wc_RipeMdFinal (RipeMd *ripemd, byte *hash)
 This function copies the computed digest into hash. If there is a partial unhashed block, this method will pad the block with 0s, and include that block’s round in the digest before copying to hash. State of ripemd is reset. More...