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27 int wc_InitSha(wc_Sha*);
60 int wc_ShaUpdate(wc_Sha* sha, const byte* data, word32 len);
92 int wc_ShaFinal(wc_Sha* sha, byte* hash);
116 void wc_ShaFree(wc_Sha*);
145 int wc_ShaGetHash(wc_Sha* sha, byte* hash);
int wc_InitSha(wc_Sha *)
This function initializes SHA. This is automatically called by wc_ShaHash.
int wc_ShaFinal(wc_Sha *sha, byte *hash)
Finalizes hashing of data. Result is placed into hash. Resets state of sha struct.
int wc_ShaGetHash(wc_Sha *sha, byte *hash)
Gets hash data. Result is placed into hash. Does not reset state of sha struct.
void wc_ShaFree(wc_Sha *)
Used to clean up memory used by an initialized Sha struct. Note: this is only supported if you have W...
int wc_ShaUpdate(wc_Sha *sha, const byte *data, word32 len)
Can be called to continually hash the provided byte array of length len.